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Are we deserve Ron Paul

After watching this ABC interview my immediate response was:
He just such a wonderful person, indeed rare to find a human being so wise, honest and wanting the best to all. To find that in a politician these days is unheard of.
It fact I am not sure that we have seen anything like that for at least 100 years.
The question is: Are we deserve Roan Paul.
By allowing the MSM, the corporate brainwashing machinery and empty propaganda take over our life, are we deserve a wonderful leader like Ron Paul?
We will get the answer soon, if by the end of the election process Ron Paul is the president of the USA than the answer is affirmative. If we have any one of the other clown than the answer is no. If that is the case may god help the world, as what’s coming is not going to be pretty.

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No, we are not.

( I'm smiling )


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)