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Delegate How-To list for all states.

Becoming a delegate is the most important part of the election cycle. Without delegates, Ron Paul can't win. Here are a few resources I found to help you become an active member of the delegate community. If you have another other resources, suggestions, or important per-state delegate information, please post it. I will update this post with all relevant information.

I would like to put together a list with all states. Ideally, I'd like to link to another thread, for each state, with a complete how-to written by someone who has experience with (or completed) the process. That's your cue to take up the cause and be the first in your state! :) Until then, here is something to get started.

Blue Republican Delegate video:

Contact the campaign:

General Information:

Delegate Training - Forum of information.

Ron Paul Delegates

Many new delegates are networking on the Ron Paul Delegates Facebook page created to help network Ron Paul Delegates, and that is a great first place to ask if you have more questions!

Action Steps for These Caucus States: IN, MT, NE, WA, WY

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Great Information!

Awesome links, OP!

That form on the campaign webpage is too vague. I haven't seen anything from the national campaign, and some who have signed up more than a month ago haven't seen anything either. I suspect that the info in that form will be used to select the best candidates for delegate, and then ask other supporters to attend caucus and vote for that best candidate. Of course, in a caucus anyone registered as Republican may attend their local meeting, and run for state delegate. The first step is to determine if your state is a Caucus or Primary.


Here is a video from Blue Republicans on delegate strategy


Thank you for that link!

Thank you for that link!

The best resource is the campaign itself...

....make sure to first check with campaign operations inside of your own state!

I couldn't find anything on

I couldn't find anything on the campaign website. Maybe I just over looked it. In addition, and form experience, there are many nuances that were not covered during the last election by the campaign, such as important go-to people (names and numbers) in case you had a problem, new developments with rule changes, etc.

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Thanks for your good works and your OP


Pick up the phone..

If you cannot find state operations call national HQ. The number is at the very bottom of the page on ronpaul2012.com

It appears that I have to

It appears that I have to fill out a form and someone will contact me.


The campaign chooses delegates for some states--not in PA

In PA, delegates are elected in the primary, and all who win their elections go straight to the national convention. Our delegates are unbound and can vote their conscience at the convention, so it is imperative that we get them elected.

We had this pretty well covered in 08... our biggest hurdles were name recognition and being new to campaigning in general. But as far as getting delegates on the ballot, we had enough people running for RP.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate, get in touch with Bill Faust and express your interest, and also get in touch with local supporters in your congressional district. Talk to those who ran last time, find out who is willing to run this time, and decide who has the best name recognition or is willing to spend their own money and put in the shoe leather to bolster their name recognition and run a successful campaign.

Once you decide who will be running, each candidate requests filing papers from Harrisburg (in December or January,) then you need to gather a minimum of 250 signatures from registered Republican voters in your congressional district in order to gain ballot access. You have a few weeks to gather signatures once the petitionng period begins. Then you get your papers/petitions notarized and take them to Harrisburg to be filed. As long as you filled everything out correctly, filed on time, and are not challenged, you will be on the ballot in April and need to begin campaigning just as any other candidate would. If you win in April, you're golden and will go to the national convention. (Keep in mind that the convention is a 3 day event and you are personally responsible for travel and related expenses.)

We don't need a bunch of people on the ballot--each district elects 3-4 delegates. CD11 elects 4. We need only 4 candidates--any more will dilute the vote and hurt us overall. We also need 1-2 alternates per district. As I said, best bet is to decide as a group who will be the best candidates in your district and go from there. Then everyone needs to help gather signatures (250 is the minimum, so shoot for 300+ to make yourself challenge-proof) and work together to promote our delegates. PA is won at the convention--popular vote won't matter as much. If Ron takes 51% of the popular vote, but all of the delegates vote Romney, Romney wins PA. If Santorum takes the popular vote, but we get our delegates elected, then PA can still go to Ron.

PA national delegates

Pennsylvania's system of direct election of national delegates is a huge opportunity. Going through this process is a ticket to win.