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College Newspaper published article on Ron Paul

Just wanted to share a small victory from local supporters.

Buffalo State College's student-run newspaper, The Record, recently published the article "The media vs. Ron Paul", written by local supporter and aspiring journalist Mia Summerson.

The Record is a well-known publication in the City of Buffalo, widely read within the campus community. The article was published in print as well as online, though it is likely the printed version reached the largest audience.

A little bird told me the paper's editor was sympathetic to the message, while working at a college paper that is often censored. I'm sure you're thinking "isn't the whole point of a college paper is to publish young, controversial ideas?". I thought the same, until Mia explained some of her other r3volution-leaning submissions that had been rejected for being "too radical and liable". Also, keep in mind that WNY is as "blue" as it comes... The newspapers here are notoriously biased.

You can read the full article online here :


Way to go, girl!

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