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Chairman Cain now claims the Dems are behind the allegations

After refuting the claims this afternoon by the sex assault accusers, Cain claimed "the Democrat machine" was behind these allegations. When a member of the press asked Cain why he claims it was the Democrat machine, Cain claimed he was only speculating because we don't know who it is, but the facts seem to hint at it. First they blindly blamed Perry for it. Now, they are claiming it was the Dems even though there is no facts to prove the DNC or anyone with them planned this. For once I agree with Bob Beckells. Why blame Perry and then the Democrats when we have no facts to say they are accusing him. Plus, did anyone hear the Reuters guy in the press say that 40% of GOP voters now have an unfavorable rating of him? Did FOX forget this poll because it certainly cancels out his "surging poll numbers"

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It Wasn't Me...!!!

Cain has only himself to blame.

oh gee wow

I'm sooooooo surprised he'd pull something like this /rolleyes

This is just another way to solidify his support, to keep people in the red team vs. blue team mindset.

It amazes me how the species that developed interplanetary flight can be so stupid.

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How many politicians have four women claiming

sexual harassment?

How many employees, other than two of the accusers at the Restaurant Association where Cain presided got a years salary when they left?

This is more than smoke. This is a full fledged fire.

Who cares if the Democrats or another Republican is behind these revelations? Would you rather not know about these flaws in Cain's character as if the character of the person is inconsequential, and only his position on issues matter?

Aside from using his fingers to sexually molest women, he seems to be handy at using them to point anywhere else other than in his own direction.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Lol, I like when you say

Lol, I like when you say "chairman Cain", but you should be saying Fed Chairman Cain. When you say Chairman Cain, it can easily be related to the fact that he was chairman of several boards.

True, must create a new name

Chairman Cain worked months ago, but since he has been on so many boards, it could mean anything. FED Chair Herman may work better.

Thomas M. Gallion

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Cain's shoot-from-the-hip attacks makes him act guilty.

He's on a witch hunt, so it would seem.