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Herman Cain's lying blood is dripping into the water and the women are forming a circle around him: Cain does not have a chance!

Herman Cain is toast! Sit back and watch the ladies take him apart, lie by lie.

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The way you worded that makes

The way you worded that makes it sound like Herman is a lone wildebeest about to be pounced on by a group of hungry lions ^_^

Hotel records

Would they still exist? She claims he bumped her up to a better room, probably the NRA paid for it. Records somewhere.....also the cocktails and dinner paid for by NRA should also be documented.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

that site has a poll for Ron Paul as 3rd part

look on the right

Something about what percentage vote he'd get if he ran 3rd party. not sure how I feel about that. kinda like a poll I don't want to touch....but hate to leave alone.

He said Washington while she was in Chicago

Cain claims he was based out of D.C while the one accuser worked in Chicago. Yet later in the press conference, he claims that his job wasn't sitting in the office, it was traveling around giving speeches. So couldn't he have been in Chicago giving a speech where this woman worked? Cain contradicts himself in the same press statements.

Thomas M. Gallion

right now, there giving him some line, before they set the hook.

They will be producing evidence to clearly show that Cain is a Liar, but first they want him to go on record denying it.

MSM throws audience red meat. See it here first!

Never mind the election, we have soap to sell.

Free includes debt-free!

I guess that means you saw...

...Lawyer Bennett on the Al Sharpton program??

Attorney for one of the paid-off NRA women. Seems her name has now been leaked. Says she, the one from yesterday who went pub(l)ic, plus the other two are ALL going to make a TV appearance together very soon.

In other words, your title here may not be an exaggeration, rather more of an understatement ;-)

anyone have a link?