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What Are Your 3 Points of Emphasis Ron Paul Should Focus on Tomorrow Night?

I think Ron should emphasize how our nation's current foreign policy strategy is bankrupting America in more than one way by calling Chairman Obamao a, "dictator of US foreign policy with the UN as his chief foreign policy advisor."

If there was ever a time to go after Obama, IGNORE the other candidates, and completely take over the stage with common sense and presidential character, the time is now.

Romney and Cain do not have the political ammo to go on offense...they're too busy defending their own weak political fences.

Yes, I know...it is out of character for Ron to go after Obama, but timing is everything.

My second point of emphasis would be, "Spending is a TAX."

Third...jobs, jobs, jobs = get rid of the income tax. Let people who actually work for a living keep the fruits of their labor, and stop penalizing people for working in America....what's the point of working overtime when the government gets half of the extra pay?

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Isn't this supposed to be a foreign policy debate?

That's what I have understood. In this case, he's going to have to perform real well, since this issue is one where he loses mainstream Republican support, unfortunately. I have read on the comments sections of different articles comments such as "Ron Paul will get us killed", "Ron Paul would have us fight a war on our own shores", "Ron Paul would allow Sharia Law to take hold in America", "Ron Paul is weak on national defense", "Ron Paul is antisemitic", and other smears. As a constitutionalist, I don't see Ron Paul allowing Sharia Law (which violates our constitution) to take hold. Unfortunately, these attitudes permeate the GOP and will cause people to oppose Ron Paul, some with hostility. In Politics 101, one lesson learned is that "perception is reality" when people go vote. If a person's hot button is punched by neocon Kool-Aid drinkers, you can see how that person is going to vote. This is what we are up against. Again, Ron Paul has to figure out how to punch these peoples' hot buttons in order to prevail.

1) If asked about the 3rd

1) If asked about the 3rd party option, he should tell them he is more worried about one of his other republican candidates running 3rd party when he wins the GOP primary.

2) Address the difference between "liking" a candidate and actually "understanding" what that candidate stands for. That should help differentiate himself.

3) Call out to those watching to rise up. If you believe in Liberty, sound money, and a humble foreign policy then you have only one option.

3 Things To Go After

Seniors - Promise them they will receive what they have paid into all of their life, plus cost of living increases.

Hispanics - Find a way to help the ones born in this country and have attented school to futher their education in some way. We will need their votes to win.

Independents - Promise to get rid of Obamacare and a balance budget.


What Dr. Paul Has ----

He has the young people on his side.

He has the military on his side.

He could have the Seniors on his side if he stands up for them.

He could have the hispanics if as president he would tell them he will work with the private sector to help the ones born in this country to succeed in life.

He could win the independents with one year and a trillion dollar cut, balance budget. IMO


The Hispanics Are Fed Up With Obama

They voted in the majority for democrats last election. This time if any of the candidates reach out in some way to them, they will be elected. They have a huge voting block.


I'd Say

1. I am the only candidate in either party committed to bringing ALL the troops home from the Middle East as quickly as can be done safely.

2. I will cut $1 trillion from the budget in my first year and balance the budget in 3 years. All of the GOP candidates have acknowledged the debt crisis, but yet I'm the only one who has put forth a serious and specific plan to do so... and do so immediately.

3. I will restore liberty to the people by strictly adhering to the Constitution, reducing the size and scope of the federal government, and returning as many rights to the states and the people as possible.

This may not come up but I

This may not come up but I thought of this today. When you are asked about you saying Obama is acting like a dictator, it's about the abuse of power & executive orders. A while back, I heard you mention the comparison of how many executive orders had been made by presidents up to recent times and it was astounding. I think you said something like early presidents may have written an executive order once or twice (if that) their entire presidencies. I think the common person would understand better how writing executive orders has been greatly abused in recent times (especially with the current president) if you bring up the comparison.

Again, always compare just about any problem of today with
2. Constitution and

3. economics/economic crisis and they'll most likely understand.

Let's remember the audience.

For the republican debate (as opposed to the general election debates) I say:

1 - States Rights! Don't just bash Obama/Democrats goals and already passed laws. Make sure people realize that cutting $1 Trillion from the federal budget doesn't mean those services disappear. He's done a pretty good job specifying this for student loans, but not on a broad spectrum, cutting federal taxes by 10% and the people of Michigan increasing state/local taxes by 8% leaves people with more money and leaves out the federal bureaucrats, US Congress, the FED, and the DC lobbyists. Also, since they're in Michigan, he could link this to all the money Obama put aside for cash-for-clunkers that subsidized purchases of foreign cars, and how that's only a small part of his failures.

2 - End the wars! A quote similar to "If Iran actually invades us, we will unleash the greatest military force in human history on them. If a couple of nutjobs with Iranian passports plants a carbomb in Times Square, we let the FBI and the CIA do the job they are very very good at doing."

3 - Of course, end the fed! The borrowing and interest are killing us, and I would like to see more of a personal twist to comparing how the Federal government spends and how an individual spends to something that current Romney/Cain supporters can understand easily. You, me and anyone else doesn't get out of debt by making $50 more a month and spending $100 more a month (democrats) or making $50 less a month and spending the same amount every month (most republicans). Why would anyone put in a republican primary ballot voting for anyone else on stage when it doesn't even make sense on that basic of a level.

Long post, sorry, but I had to get my ideas out there.

REally good responses here -

REally good responses here - but Ron is going to be grilled on the new IAEA report on Iran, which its politically motivated. I hope he is able to educate people - hopefully he can use the faulty intelligence on Iraq as an example for the US people.

He needs to drive home that the root problem is corruption.

The Federal Reserve, the big Wall Street banks, multinational corporations like GE, and the Military-Industrial Complex are working against the interests of the American People.

Ann in Florida


1. National Defense (non-intervention vs isolationism; clear it up once and for all).
2. Economic Repair (RESTORE America)
3. Smaller Government (the original intent of government)

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

only 3?

Fine by me......... #1 Talk about putting an end to all monopolistic policy so we can open doors for new business. #2 End all WAR. #3 Talk about his plan to clean up the corruption in the FED, banks, congress, pentagon, MIC, And the white house!


1. There is a difference between Nation Defense and Military Adventurism: If we want the economy to improve bring our troops home, spend their money here and we don't spend money supporting a failing empire.
(1b) If America were ever attacked, Dr. Paul would not hesitate to defend America and her liberty by declaring War and vigourously defending our nation (this is the biggest objection/misinterpretation Dr. Paul faces imho).
2. He has the only plan that cuts $1T in the first year as opposed to 10/20 year plans of other candidates that will never come to fruition.
3. He predicted the housing bubble and financial collapse while all the others on the stage were ignorant of the impending trouble. He has a better understanding of the economy and free markets than other candidates (use facts/examples to back up statement)

Be upeat. Freedom is scary to

Be upeat. Freedom is scary to many people until they get comfortable. But of course the alternative to freedom is inevitably horrible.
Once a person is comfortable, it becomes obvious that freedom would be fantastic morally, culturally, & economically. Go Ron, may the force be with you.

How to win the debate with GOPers

You have to talk about

1) God. Why Paul's message is good with God

2) American Exceptionalism. Whether we like it or not, that's what the GOP wants to hear... how does Paul's message fit in with "The Greatest Nation on God's Green Earth"

3) Philosophy. We HAVE TO get the GOP to have a philosophy change, otherwise Paul won't have a chance.

You are right on! Remember: "it's the economy stupid"?

1) All the other candidates on the stage think some new tax scheme will fix the economy, it's the spending stupid!

2) All the other candidates on the stage have a jobs plan. Government does not create productive jobs in the economy, it only takes productivity from the economy. Stop asking the question stupid!

3) All the other candidates on the stage support the FED. The FED causes inflation and It's a tax, it robs savers of their hard earned labor. Stop the FED stupid!

4) All the other candidates on the stage support the foreign wars. War destroys the productive value of an economy. Defend our country by bringing the troops home. Stop the foreign wars stupid!

Now we need to quit bickering among ourselfs and Stop Obama stupid!

Watching the debate

Is there a possibility to watch the debate online?

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

It's very simple. You go in

It's very simple. You go in there after blood with Cain, but you won't have to worry too much about that since other candidates besides Paul will no doubt be looking to blindside him. It's not really our style anyway.

No, the most important target tomorrow night is Gingrich. This guy cannot be allowed to ascend as the next flavor of the month because if so, he will likely be the last one to peak before the start of the primary season.

If his numbers last as long as Cain or Perry's, then we're in serious trouble.

To that point, the 3 things Paul HAS to do:

1. Listen to his staff for once. Over and over, Paul has admitted that his staff is largely telling him the same things we've been trying to get to his campaign, but yet he rarely remembers to stick to what they've covered, or use their prep to go after anyone.

There have been moments of brilliance in these debates so far, but they've been a flash in the pan compared to 2008, because they are much more scattered and redundant now than they were last time.

2. Leave foreign policy aside. Many people here suggesting Paul tie foreign policy to his economic policy... guess what, geniuses? Not only is foreign policy not part of today's debate (there will be an entire foreign policy debate on 11/22), but this is what Paul's been doing. And it's not working.

He's gradually improving his rhetoric on foreign policy, and while that's good, it would be a mistake to muddy the waters with talk of his less savory positions until he's in a prime position to do so. He has to stay on economic issues. And he can't use the "end the Fed" line every time because people see that as a cop-out, for right or wrong.

3. When he DOES mention the Fed, he has to do it in a way that clearly destroys Cain and Gingrich's credibility. This needn't be done in a mean-spirited way. Nor does it have to be obvious at all.

But he simply can't rest while idiots like Cain say he wants to "fix the Fed" (since doing that would be like saying you want to "fix" your cancer) or idiots like Gingrich saying whatever is politically popular.

The Fed is his issue but it has lost its mojo. This is a way to bring it to the front burner once again, but NOT to overdo it.

Many people here have been inculcated with the belief that because Paul woke them out of apathy through his current debate style, that it is okay for him to continue what he's been doing. This is false. This strategy will never appeal to the mainstream electorate... at least not in time for the primaries or the general election. Paul needn't change his speaking style wholesale but he's GOT to listen to the advice he's been given and try to run with it. He's quite capable of it, I'm sure.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

newt vrs romney and why not touch Romney?

some very good comments.

the most important thing to get out about newt is that he is more or less a copy cat of rp's ideas, but newt's staff packages it better with a modern message and wording, which works for voters.

here is newt's differentiation to romney:

however, why does his staff not touch romney and by doing so, lets romney off scott free? none of the other candidates are even worth mentioning as they are not rivals at all, never were and never will be. it has always been romney from the start and will be so thru next november. everyone knows romney is the inevitable nomination from the side of gop leadership and media. so, another candidate would not only have to beat romney, it would have to have a hook to draw in all the conservative non-romney vote.

so, it does not make sense to be the first campaign to email a comment after cain's allegations came about, especially when the rp campaign is saying that such information does not reflect on integrity and character. perception and evidence of lack of integrity and characater are #1 on voters mind, and rightfully should be.


If you're asking why the

If you're asking why the campaign still hasn't gone after Romney, it would look as if you answered your own question already.

The very fact is Romney will be one of the last men standing. His support is not going away. Why? Simple. The establishment Republican base is much more unified than the tea party vote this year.

Your "establishment" candidates are really only Romney vs Huntsman. The ceiling for their support is about 25%, and the disparity between the two is huge (Huntsman gets <1% in most polls these days.

Although Romney lacks the intense support that Paul or Cain has, the unified establishment vote is a pretty good substitute. He also has the best fundraising of any GOP candidate. That alone would guarantee he's in this thing until the end.

Paul is a man of priorities. He knows that before he can challenge Romney, he can't jump the gun. He has to get in that top two first. At best, he's gotten to the top 3, but that's not enough.

If he attacked Romney now, it would be to adopt the same strategy that Pawlenty, Bachmann, Perry, and now Cain have tried... and failed at. It's simply too premature.

Like Paul, most of the GOP base is firmly aware of Romney's less savory aspects, but unlike Paul, Romney is much closer to the center on a number of issues and thus he doesn't have as much of a gap to compensate for on things like social policy and foreign policy.

So to all the people begging him to go after Romney, I would tell them "all in good time". If you remember from '08, Paul never went after Romney even when it was the politically expedient thing to do. I imagine there's a deeper reason behind that than what he's letting on. But that does not mean Romney won't be targeted if Paul gets in the top two.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

are you an rp advisor?

are you an rp advisor/consultant?


The 3 Points To Make Are:

These are the three off the top of my head--please add more and wordsmith if you'd like--I'm very open to others' input...

1) NOBODY else is SERIOUS about getting the country back on the right financial track--it's time to CUT a TRILLION NOW! NOBODY ELSE has a plan to take care of business in the FIRST TERM--In the FIRST YEAR--THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTER IN ANY BUDGET TALKS--of the new presidency. ONLY I--RON PAUL--Knows EXACTLY how to do it by taking out 5 Federal Departments--I've been here for 30 years as a LOCAL Representative of the people of Texas and I know how to do it as THE PRESIDENT--and GIVING THE MONEY BACK TO AMERICANS, letting control go back to the LOCAL areas, reducing Federal employment by 10%--letting those billions along with the control go back to the people and giving them More FREEDOM to prosper and make their own decisions...

2) It's TIME TO BRING OUR BOYS AND GIRLS IN THE MILITARY HOME. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Out current president has completely broken his campaign promise and can no longer be trusted. He has hired hundreds of thousands of private contractors to continue the killings in foreign lands (all in an attempt to lie to Americans about "bringing troops home") and it is time to PUT AN END TO FAILED AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY BY TRULY BRINGING THEM ALL HOME NOW WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. This will not only save our country TRILLIONS OF DOLLAR S but also bring us a higher level of respect and honor-ability in the world. We stop wasting money and we start raising our integrity in the global mind's eye.

3) It's time to FULLY AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE that has been the primary cause for all of America's financial problems and start taking action once we realize what AMERICA'S CENTRAL BANK has DONE WITHOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S--OR THEIR CONGRESS' CONSENT--and we need to put financial criminals in JAIL IMMEDIATELY!!!! Americans are losing their houses as a result of these financial criminals and they must pay the piper NOW! This includes the corrupt ratings agencies!

Those are the 3 points I would make--there are certainly more, but I think these are the 3 most universal and most salient in today's conversation--seeking truth, justice, and the American Way have never been detrimental to an American candidate before, and I think if Ron Paul follows this tried and true American Tradition he will fare very well in the eyes of the American people, regardless of the underhanded, cynical, and ruthless attacks of the war-supporting media...

I pray for you my fellow American--God Bless Ron Paul...

For though you think you know the thing, you have no certainty, until you try. -Sophocles


This is incredible!

I disagreed with you once and I've somehow earned a spot on some list of evil-doers.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

I wish

I made the lunatic fringe. I mean we are the lunatic fringe according the MSM. So to be the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe is a complement.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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1. Consistency and vision. He warned us over and over.

2. Why the troops support him.

3. Why he defends individualism and Liberty.

Ron Paul has the power to unite the country.. he just has to figure out the way to do it.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

staff should figure out how to unite the country

his staff should also really be the ones to figure out that strategy. but he does not have that staff, so that figuring out won't happen for the time being.


Dr Paul

must bring up the point of his financial support from the military. No media reports on that. I am sure that if any of the other front candidates had that it would be huge news. Could you imagine if romney perry or cain had that much military support in comparison to the other candidates ... what fux news would do with it?.
That is such a poll jump for a candidate .. The boots on the ground support Dr Ron Paul!
2. End the wars.
3 Liberty .. the doctor explains it well

One Word


He has no need to say anything at all.

He's the elephant in the room. They don't dare talk to him, because their master threaten them. They don't dare insult him lest they stir up a hornets nest of protest from us.

Do any of the other candidates have an army of rabid supporters?

The Doctor could say anything he wants. Maybe he could chastise the others for being children. Give an off-hand critique of the cult-of-personality. OR comment on substance vs appearance...

...you know, something that puts him above the petty politics.

-quiet engineer

Stay away from everything but

Stay away from everything but the federal reserve, the currency and debt. It is the linchpin of this campaign. When talking about foreign policy, link it back to the fed as the source of funding for the empire. When talking about jobs, link it back to debt. And find some time to paint the hairiest, scariest, apocalyptic picture of the dollar collapse that is to come. Talk about food riots. Talk about empty grocery stores in inner cities. Many people have objected to fear tactics to win elections in the past, but 1. It works, and 2. People need to be very afraid of a collapse in the dollar. Scare the living hell out of them. That'll get the votes. Figure out which youtube video is the scariest about the dollar and debt and tell people on national tv to go watch it. The zombie have got to wake up or its all over. Smack them on the head as hard as you can Doc!

When talking about foreign

When talking about foreign policy, link it back to the fed as the source of funding for the empire.

He already does this. The problem with his explanations aren't that he can't link them together, it's that he does it in a convoluted fashion, which is completely antithetical to these soundbite-driven debates.

Listen to him gaggling on about how bureaucrats turn the writing of the laws over to regulators and that whole onion belt and you tell me that he should do more of the same?

There's a very simple term that would cut to the heart of the matter, one very simple term that defines the condition he is describing: it's called regulatory capture.

If he talked about regulatory capture and called it for what it was, and just in general stuck to power words that evoked exactly what the problem was, instead of trying to lecture the crowd, I think his performance would just take off.

There's no reason why you should spend 20 seconds to define a problem if you can do so in 5 seconds or less. Unless you were doing this for rhetorical effect. Paul rejects traditional oratory tactics, so that isn't the reason he rambles. He's not a professional speaker, and I respect that. But this habit of trying to tie everything together and explain it as you are saying here... well, I don't see enough of a difference between this and his current strategy.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater