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Washington State Votes to Privatize Liquor Sales

In a big-government defying move, the good voters of Washington State (including me), voted to take liquor sales out of the hands of the state.

For decades, only state-sponsored liquor stores could sell hard liquor.

Beer and wine can be bought anywhere.

Finally the state has been taken out of the liquor distribution business.

The state's only job should be to uphold liquor laws - not distribute it.

This will put several hundred state employees out of work, but I'll bet the private sector will need to employ a lot more than the number of those who lose their jobs at the state level.

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Virginia too please.

I grew up in Michigan where it is all private and when I moved out of the state I was blown away by ABC stores selling the liquor and 7/11 not having any!! Good job voters in the state of Washington!

North Carolina needs to do

North Carolina needs to do this, too.


I'm actually shocked! I bet Gregoire is FUMING! LOL!

I bet Gregoire is not only

I bet Gregoire is not only fuming, she is probably trying to figure out a way to do some sneaky shit and get it overturned/repealed or otherwise nullified.

Good for us here in WA State.