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RP Blackout Stress Therapy Support Group: Do we need one?

I try, on a daily basis, to deal with the stresses that naturally come with being a die-hard Ron Paul supporter. The more and more the media blacks him out, the closer I come to having a melt-down. It can be so hard to keep my rage from exploding every time I turn on the radio or watch a debate. It is almost unbearable. I tried to believe that there was no conspiracy against RP, but now...there is no way I can't believe that large and nasty corporations are orchestrating his failure...again. I don't like sounding like a nut to my non-political friends when I point out the obvious, purposeful blackout. I think I need help!

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Hi my name is Staterunradio, and I'm a Ron Paul Supporter

"Hiiii state run radioooooo"

I'm right there with you friend.

ask rp office what it is doing and how we can help

perhaps you can ask rp campaign what it has been doing to eliminate the blackout including its strategy/plan/steps and relay back to us what worked and what didn't work and how we can help the rp staff to end this blackout immediately.

i am not entirely convinced at this point that we are helpless about the blackout. the answer is there and someone needs to find it. certainly, that answer will not come from benton. perhaps jack hunter or maybe not?


This is it


I like the name, DailyPaul much better!

but I certainly know how he feels!


...good. Yay!