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Brainstorm: Ron Paul's Suit

This suggestion has been brought up before and I posted a comment about it in another thread, but I decided to create a new post about it. Hopefully you guys will humor me with some lively debate regarding the topic.

Should we start a Chip-In and actually purchase Ron Paul a custom fitted suit that he can wear to the national debates?

For years, people have been talking about Ron Paul's ill-fitted suits. I personally don't think they are terrible, but I have no style. The wife has pointed out a few things about his suit that she says makes it look big on him, plus, if you search Google for ' "Ron Paul" suit fits ', you'll turn up countless sites where others have also referenced that the suit does not fit well.

Ron Paul’s suit jacket: The Fix is, admittedly, a bit of a clotheshorse. But, anyone who has ever worn a suit could see that the Texas Congressman’s coat was at least two sizes to big. The ill-fitting coat made Paul look tiny, never a good image to project when you are running for president.

Whenever Ron Paul appears at the Republican debate, all I can think about his how bad his suit fits him. The leader of the free world should have a suit that doesn't look like it was bought off-the-rack at Walmart.

And there are countless others if you take the time to look.

Money could be collected, a custom suit could be ordered and in theory all that Dr. Paul would need to do is run down to get sized and then have an associate come back to pick the suit up when complete.

There are primary debates scheduled for December 12th and December 15th and it may be possible to have this to him by then.

Humor me a bit. Worthy idea? Crap idea? Are the FEC restrictions that would prohibit this sort of donation?

I could probably set this up in just a short amount of time (of course I wouldn't do anything to spoil tomorrow's moneybomb) and get the ball rolling pretty easy. I've already been looking and Tom James sells custom suits and they are located in the D.C. area.

What do you guys think?

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For God's sake get over his

suits...they look great and even when they don't who cares. It's not the suit that makes a man, but the other frigging way around!


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From a few people who

From a few people who obviously have more style than myself:

Quote Originally Posted by CuffDaddy
The only thing I find remotely noteworthy is that Ron Paul's jacket is standing away from his neck and shirt collar quite a bit. Not the vertical "prole gap" stand-away, but a horizontal/width gap. It's as though the collar of the suit were cut to accomodate someone with an 18.5" neck. Some people find this look to be acceptable; I cannot abide it.

Ron Paul's suits are all like this. I met him once and it was hard not to notice how poorly his suit fit. It's his build and posture. My father has the same problem. Romney looks best by far, even without cuff showing. But the well-fitted suit is holding him back in politics. While Herman Cain's double-breasted suit gets bonus points here, it might hold him back too.

sitting down vs. standing up

it is just the way he stands over the podium. that's all! I think he wears nice suits and they are probably good quality.


he's not gonna change. I have e-mailed personally with Mrs. Paul about this & she gets very upset. She says she wishes the suits they've bought were an inexpensive as Armanis. Ron has very expensive custom suits. When he was on Chris Wallace last Sunday, he looked SHARP, and I told Mrs. Paul that he should wear that suit & tie to the next debate.

Well....I don't know what suit he wore last night, but the tie! BLEEEAAAAGGGHH. Today, I wrote to her & asked her to get that other tie on him on Saturday.

I'm thinking that when he kinda hunches over the podium, that the neck on the suit just pooches out & that this would happen with any suit? I don't know, I'm not a tailor. But, Carol told me that if Ron gets fussed with too much about his clothes that he gets upset. I don't think we're going to get anywhere with this....

The message is the most

The message is the most important aspect we all agree.I personally like some of the less mainstream plastic men things about Ron.
That being said I would like to see Ron in a nice suit, just as one may enjoy seeing there favorite sports team wearing the coolest uniform or parents may enjoy seeing there children sharp on a sunday for church it just seems natural.
The fact that the suit came from "us" would just make it better and just imagine the PUBLICITY !

I would contribute to a Chip-In and it would not even take many people.
The POTENTIAL is enormous, ONE person who knows a little about clothes and a FEW hundred people for money.As a "business" plan I see no cons and only benefit.

ps : Ron looks more natural in more plain clothes in my opinion, maybe he just doesn't like suits (I'm not a fan of them personally) and a tailored won could make all the difference that he my not have thought of because of his humbleness or lack or interest perhaps.

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Ron Paul's Suit

Ron Paul is absolutely the best, but his suit is certainly not. Yes, he should spend a little money and get a fine, fitted suit. His message will be the same, but he will look far better delivering it. A candidate's look is very important to some people, and we need all the votes we can get.


It is not the suit. It is the

It is not the suit. It is the way he stands, the way his posture is..leave him alone. We have the perfect message, not the perfect messenger. He will never wear a suit like Romney or Perry does, no matter if it was an Armani and cost $20,000. He is more comfortable in just a biking outfit. Leave him alone!

agree with one exception

I think the messenger is perfect as well. His humanity is what makes him real. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. I even like his beat up orthopedic shoes.