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'Blowback Slammed' O'Reilly Shuts Down Facebook Page Amazon Ranking Dives CNBC to Follow?

Nov. 11, 2011 - http://libertypulse.com/article/-blowback-slammed-o-reilly-s...

We reported that Blowback was occurring for Bill O'Reilly. On Monday Nov. 7 O'Reilly attacked Ron Paul and his supporters for voting and winning his one man show debate forum poll. Bill said that the Paul supporters 'Slammed' the poll therefore he was disqualified. After this exclusion Paul supporters began to fight back and 'slam' O'Reilly's facebook page. Here is Tuesday's article of the blowback that ensued

Paul supporters have been posting pro Ron Paul videos, news articles, polls and comments on Bill O'Reilly's Facebook page for the entire week. Almost every minute or so a new Ron Paul supporter would put something on Bill's Facebook page and they have been very creative. If one didn't know what was happening they would think they're on Ron Paul's fan page. Some supporters called this Occupy Bill O'Reilly they are intent on showing O'Reilly the definition of 'Blowback' by 'Slamming'.

Bill O'Reilly's Facebook Page is no longer available for posting to 'Everyone' other than Bill...

...Paul supporters created the 'money bomb' Paul supporters created the first modern day 'Tea Party' event and now Paul supporters have 'Blowback Slammed' in their arsenal.

'Blowback Slammed' has not been limited to just O'Reilly's Facebook page his Amazon book reviews have been hammered to the tune of 650 one star rated reviews for his new book Killing Lincoln giving his book an overall 2 star rating....

....CNBC has now attacked Ron Paul by removing the poll because his supporters voted and overwhelmingly won the post debate poll. Now, CNBC is the target of 'Blowback Slamming' on facebook....

Read full article here - http://libertypulse.com/article/-blowback-slammed-o-reilly-s...

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I DON'T see how this helps Ron Paul.

I ONLY see how it can hurt.

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We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

I see 80-90% of the Amazon book reviews today

have been 5-star so O'Reilly has obviously urged his viewers/listeners to help him out. He's all the way up to two stars now.

Have you written your review of this "excellent" book yet?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Price will drop quick

I bought this book used for $7.00 and am giving it away. I should have known. Dilorenzo's The Real Lincoln raises intellect, O'Reilly's book does not.

November 17, 2011

If they want to ignore us, show them they can't - Take the Plede


I Hereby Pledge:
1) I will support Ron Paul (e.g., fund, campaign, vote) in 2012.
2) I will support Ron Paul, in *whichever* party he appears on the 2012 ballot.
3) If he is not on the ballot, I will support *whomever* he officially endorses.
4) If he cannot endorse, I will support Ron Paul as a write-in candidate on the ballot
5) I will urge every voting American I can reach to do likewise

This I do for the advancement -- not of a man nor of a party -- but of human freedom on this earth.

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

looks like i have been banned

from commenting on billows facebook wall. oops!

queue the second wave.

Official Daily Paul BTC address: 16oZXSGAcDrSbZeBnSu84w5UWwbLtZsBms
Rand Paul 2016

Me too...

It's a badge of honor in my opinion. I'm now working on getting banned from Sean Hannity's page as well. I'm not saying anything too bad, just delivering the truth.

Me too...

It's a badge of honor in my opinion. I'm now working on getting banned from Sean Hannity's page as well. I'm not saying anything too bad, just delivering the truth.

This is great.

O'reilly's book went from 4 stars down to 1.8 stars since what he did to Paul. Owned.

CNBC decided to take the same route by removing a poll with Paul winning and now CBS has done the same.

They should learn from their mistakes.

Blowback is real!

What do you know, Ron Paul was RIGHT again.

Encoding Ron Paul

If you ever need to bypass the strongest of world filters, try this:

|2 () /\/ |* /\ |_| |_

Recognizable enough, right?


Yes ... It's good

Mix characters greater than 128 ACSII

Rοп Ρаul

it looks standard, but it aint

Most automated filters will not detect the character substitution.

Standard: Ron Paul
Non standard: Rοп Ρаul

Can you tell the difference?

The "n"?

Is that what's different? or is it some blank space on either side? I give up.

Text to ASCII Ron Paul

Text to ASCII

Ron Paul 082 111 110 032 080 097 117 108

now using mixed standard ASCII and ASCII characters beyond 128

Rοп Ρаul 082 206 191 208 191 032 206 161 208 176 117 108

Common text filters will not detect phrases and words when you use this method.

When the filters adapt, I will adapt.. etc.

You can test the example yourself.


Keep it steady

Just keep it steady until the election. This is a great way to get the point through, just put more arguments for Ron Paul there, not only Ron Paul that's it.

...and then

Exactly right axisOFgood. It IS every bit as principled. That’s my point. Principles aren’t about retaliation or tit-for-tat. I understand the frustration. Really, I do and I readily admit that I’ve not been in this trench long and I don’t have a backlog of outrage but I’m pretty good at extrapolating and empathizing.. (Perhaps an aside, but the reason I began to research Paul on my own was because I read a couple of articles about his underdog and unelectable label and they raised my champion-the-underdog hackles.)

BettyLiberty, I don’t know. I’d like to brainstorm here. I’m pretty sure that sending complaints isn’t good. I’m pretty sure that ideas birthed from a notion that anyone has to “give” us an outlet aren’t good. I’m not saying the emotion isn’t valid, but that the channeling isn’t powerful or effective.

Let’s just look at it practically. Bill O’Reilly has built an audience; the marketplace values his product enough to pay him for it This is what the market has decided. When you attack HIS sites or his Amazon pages, you are attacking his market base. This is counterproductive If your desire is to do something other than get your need-for-acknowledgement rocks off. Does this make sense? If you want to speak to Bill O’Reilly’s audience base, than do it. Speak to those folks. Don’t speak to each other — oh, look how clever we were in bringing down O’Reilly facebook or amazon pages. Do you see how this approach alienates the very people Paul needs to bring into the fold?

So what about for starters not thinking of the O’Reillys as the enemy BUT as opportunities? How would that mindset change the nature of posts and actions?

I’d really like to come up with magic solutions; I’m working on it. But all I got is that I’m athinking that getting rid of the negatives — like getting rid of the Fed — is…well, kinda an important path to head for.


i just Slammed them all hard!

awesome new tool/tactic.

who's next?

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I'm pretty sure

that BOR told us to use his facebook page to promote Ron Paul when he told us that a "few" of us spammed the poll...we're just proving that him wrong, right? I think BOR needed proof that there really are millions that support the good doctor...and spamming his book ratings....well? have you ever read one of his books? there is MUCH cheaper toilet paper available in these tough economic times....

Feeding the beast

I don't know...

I'm new here and a new Paul convert so grain of salt and all that.

But it bothers me that so many folks think it's a good idea to spam one-star ratings for a book they haven't read. Amazon's rating system is a democratic system. Sure authors email all their friends and say, "If you liked the book, don't forget to rate it on Amazon." But few authors have more than ten friends (nature of the work environs). The rating system depends on the mostly honest reading public.

When folks spam bad ratings, they're not only undercutting a nifty review system, they're telegraphing a disingenuous mindset. They're saying they'll lie for their own purposes.

Why go there? It is neither principled nor practical.

The principled side is rather obvious, at least to me -- don't lie, don't game a legitimate review system. The practical side, perhaps, gets more easily mucked up. I get that those of you who have been Paul supporters for a while would feel marginalized. My husband, who's commenting over my shoulder and is not even (yet) a Paul convert, says he's outraged by O'Reilly's comments.

Okay, I'll give him righteous indignation. I'll give those 650 folks who spammed one stars on Amazon a right to indignation.

But practically...does anyone really think that responding in an unprincipled manner works? Is this strategic? Is this even thinking critically?

The answer is a certain and emphatic YES if your objective is to dissipate your outrage. It's a big fat NO if your objective is to make something change. Few people respect those who operate from a need to dissipate emotion. You know, it just has that creep feeling.

These sort of actions feed O'Reilly's beliefs. He's paternalistic toward Paul supporters, the misfit child who gets a pat on the head before being dismissed. These responses feed the beast, in my humble opinion.


Is all we are trying to teach that fool. He wants to claim RP has no support.....he is a lying sack for the neocons. Let's get this straight, his lying has direct consequences, such as perpetual war, he has BLOOD on his hands. We are trying to overcome the biggest obstacle here, and that is the perception of Ron Paul being electable. It is very difficult to overcome that when you have media moguls standing in your way and lying, those lies are what prevented his election in 08. This is war, this is ugly, this is trench warfare, and this time the people will NOT roll over to the likes of a compromised gatekeeper like him. He needs to crawl back to the hole he crawled from under and the Ron Paul supporters are set on just that, sending a neocon that fabricates the news packing. If we want peace, liberty, and to take the country back from tyrants that currently rule over us it will take more than well wishes and rational discussion. We are dealing with entrenched forces hell bent on sucking this economy dry.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
Thomas Jefferson

Debbie's picture

Hear Hear!! And I'm sorry, it may not be cool to dissipate our

outrage this way, but it was worth it! I laughed for hours; it really made my day. But welcome to the Daily Paul, wistful thinker - glad to have you!


What outlet to they give us? What recourse do we have?

We write to CNBC, nothing. We send complaints to the FCC, nothing.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

You make some good points however

I say Billy Boy and Mark Levin are 2 I can go after and feel good about it. We will certainly never change those 2 jerks.

it is every bit as principled as...

...ORALLY disqualifying RON for the "sin" of WINNING his poll.

You sound like an experience and thoughtful woman, so I'm sure you've heard -- "what goes around, comes around."

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when
everything the US public knows is false."
CIA Director William Casey, 1981

The flip side of that is

does one really want to stoop to O'Reilly and Levin's level?

Not taking sides, just playing devil's advocate, as usual. :D

Some of the one-star reviews are pretty hilarious though, I'll admit.

A signature used to be here!

Good grief!!! Don't tell me

Good grief!!!
Don't tell me that those 12 spammers in their mothers' basements slammed oreilly's face book!!! What a travesty! lmao

Formerly rprevolutionist

Haha, BillO's picture reminds

Debbie's picture

Thank you Kurt

Thank you Kurt (LibertyPulse.com) for this excellent article! It shows the wonderful work the Paul Nation is doing.


thank you Debbie :)

thank you Debbie :)