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If the establishment is so anti-Ron-Paul, then why is he in the media at all?

Obviously there is significant bias against Ron Paul in the media. But, rather than waste their time minimizing his achievements or calling him names, why doesn't the mainstream media just flat out pretend he doesn't exist? I know they do SOMETIMES, by excluding his poll results and excluding him from debates in the past and such. But the fact is, he's solicited for interviews, in the debates, and is very much a recognized face in the media. So, what's their game plan in showing him at all? Please list some reasons.

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A lot of good answers have been

offered for the simple, obvious reasons. His message is off the Establishment radar, so at first he was dismissed and smeared. We came back stronger than ever with proofs captured by volunteers, killing them in comment sections. In the odd way politics works, Jon Stewart the comedian is influential; he picked up the story and publicly shamed the offenders and alerted the awakening populace that devious tactics are being used to channel public opinion. In defense, more interviews were given since that episode, though he is still doggedly portrayed as someone dangerously "off message" and unelectable.

You probably haven't been around long or you'd have spotted the phenomenon and not need to ask for instances. As I pointed out earlier, the financial press has had to give more interviews to Paul, since he is a major force in shaping issues around the Fed and is the only politician who predicted and has thoroughly analyzed the economic crisis and offered specific, honest, viable solutions.

Because he is a shoe in to win the election If TPTB give the

media the green light. He would have a genuine healing effect on the whole nation. The problem he refuses to play ball. If he can be bought the system will united behind him like you have never seen before. It's their way,
We know that will never happen (but don't discount the fact TPTB may swing it that way to deceive you, make you believe he has turned ) THESE ARE VERY INTERESTING TIMES. BE SURPRIZED BY NOTHING. I know I'm just a conspiracy nut,,,, And bat s**t crazy. Born that way


Once he wins, israel will be free to expand and take over all the countries that the US just destroyed. Unless Russia and China get upset...then it's hello WW3.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav


Good question, beats me right-off why this is bein' voted down..

Now then, even the devil has to tell the truth sometimes. A law of nature, God if you prefer.
Haven't heard Lindsey Williams in awhile, he's been silent, but, he or rather they, the oil-men claim that they have to reveal these things with which they're about to do, so they give this information to him to dish-out.. Awe, not so.. "the law of nature" or God if you prefer, demands it, while they attempt to usurp his authority.

The law of nature to give warning.

Because Occupy Wall Street would ALL be armed...

and doing a LOT more than demonstrating if Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, John Stossel et. al. were not acting as "safety valves."

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy

They tried to do that in the

They tried to do that in the beginning, but we wouldn't back down.

Covering (or not covering) the development and growth of this movement has been like walking a tightrope for them.

It's too late for them to completely censor Ron Paul.

They would rather we grow very slowly than explode onto the national scene because of one of their missteps (i.e. complete and total censorship)

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

They have. Most of us have

They have. Most of us have seen the video where the mainstream media propagandist gives the names of the first, second and fourth place winners in the poll. We have seen where video is cropped to avoid showing Ron Paul. This is similar to what the Communists did under Stalin. They removed Communist officials who had been purged from photographs. There is a book available showing the original photo, and the doctored photo after the Communist in question fell into disfavor.

Completely ignoring Ron Paul, failing to ever mention his name would make it obvious to even the dullest American that the media are in the service of the same special interests who have bribed and bought the "approved" candidates. The difference between mainstream media and the Internet should be enough to convince anyone with normal intelligence of this fact.

For ONE reason

They MOSTLY ignore him because they don't want the liberty message exposed.

They give him a LITTLE exposure because if they completely ignored him it would be obvious to even the average stupid American, and they'd therefore risk waking up the sheeple.

Remember when, in a recent FOX interview, the host mentioned to Ron Paul that he's been on FOX 70 times this year, more than any other candidate? He did this to refute any claims of FOX bias against Ronnie.

What that shallow deuche didn't mention was that 69 of those appearances was in non-prime time slots, when viewership is low, while Gingrich, Cain, Bachmann and Santorum make practically nightly appearances on Hannity and Greta. And most importantly, even when not appearing, all the other candidates are talked about all day and night, every day and night, while 'Ron Paul' is barely ever uttered.

Just take a good look at this video

To see the difference in treatment ...


I agree with others that I never see him on local channels.

I think the main reason they must have him on tv is because he is a congressman ... If he wasn't then I doubt we'd see him as much.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

You must have cable TV. The

You must have cable TV. The fact is most TV viewers do not have cable TV and the four major broadcast TV networks never say a word about Dr Paul, or if they do it's something bad or distorted. I still run into people with rabbit ears TV who say "who is Ron Paul?" or something crazy like, "oh I heard he's not running again". (refering to his Congressional seat)

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

To Avoid Ron Paul supporters hate mail

They have Ron Paul on to appease us so we don't send too much hate mail but then they hardly ever talk about him when he is not on.

appearances have been tallied.

this subject has already been covered.

mathematically, ron paul has been undermined by the media in the number of appearances granted, as compared to others.

for all of you posting "he gets a lot!", take your head out of the sand.


They have to include him, if

They have to include him, if they didn't where would they get all their ideas from...

I used to think that if everyone just "Googled Ron Paul"

everyone would see him as I see him. The perfect statesmen- a true patriot. He'd be a shoo-in. Best president America has ever had. But today I see that more Americans than ever are sufficiently aware of EXACTLY what he is about-and they simply don't want it. I'm not talking about bankers or Illuminatus or Fed Chairmen. I'm talking about your co-worker who doesn't want to see her daughter's best friend's family deported so she'll vote for whoever she thinks will give amnesty. Or the countless new Americans who ask not what they can do for their country, but what the country can do for them- cradle to grave. I worry that even if we win the media war, America will still honestly vote herself to destruction.

ron paul is a true prophet, hence gets media attention.

Very good posting. It does seem odd that Paul does get a lot of interviews, especially from the financial segments, yet they ignore him in terms of presidential elections.

The reason is that the vile political class are fully aware that Paul is a true prophet, here to warn us. Because Paul has that power of a prophet with him, he gets attention. The financial segments especially want to hear what he has to say just as they do Bernanke. However, as the vile class owns Washington and are control freaks who believe in submission over free will, they will make it difficult for Paul to win. Also, if they talk about Paul's candidacy, it makes his political views on military empire more legitimate and could sway americans into doubting wars and that is something that the ruling class cannot allow.

As TIME magazine reported, Paul is a prophet. However, Benton screwed things up by also telling them his opinion that Ron Paul does not want to be president, which is false information provided to the media.

The media blackout can be alleviated if there was a savvy media advisor onboard with RP's campaign office. So, if you want to hear more about Paul, tell Ron Paul directly that he needs to hire an experienced/intelligent people to handle the media and be aggressive about it on a daily basis and not take NO for an answer.


That was

their original tactic. If you were around in 2007 and 2008, you would've seen their efforts to ignore him and strive to keep him out of debates, but we supporters raised too much fuss for them to ignore him completely, so we saw a smattering of news articles accusing us of being "wackos" who were supporting a "kook," and there was always the obligatory phrase, "he'll never be the president."

Since then, the economy has overshadowed the threat of Islamic terrorism as top news, and news outlets realized putting Ron Paul in their pieces tended to raise their ratings and circulation. Along with that comes increased income, so they started featuring him. It's all about the bottom line.

The "establishment" is

The "establishment" is corrupt, but not 100% so. There are always some good apples.

Moreover, fundamentally, more than anything, the media is driven by ratings. And ratings follow the Jimmy Carter syndrome...that is why debate has been replaced by punditry..it is more profitable to tell lies and please your audience than tell the truth and piss them off.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Duh they make money off of

Duh they make money off of him.

Money & Ratings

They're getting advertising dollars from his campaign and dedicated viewers who will tune in to watch the show that otherwise would not tune in and watch.

Although the amount of advertising they get from him doesn't compare to what they get from the establishment, it's still money.

On top of that, he has a dedicated following. They know that his "fans" are going to flock and watch the show. They're not going to turn down an easy buck.

They can't just ignore him completely...

He is a candidate and he does have support. If they didn't bring him on at all then we could PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt they're biased. By bringing him on from time to time they can say that they have given him some coverage...even if their coverage is a bunch of gotcha questions and condescension.

The main thing they do to shape public opinion is...

Name recognition.

They say Romney, Perry, Cain all day every day. Hundreds of times per day. These are their boys, obviously.

They DON'T say Ron Paul's name, even when they are talking about the presidential race. They'll mention everyone but him. This is why I still run into people who say, "Who is Ron Paul?"

And really, that's all it takes. Oh, and they do drop in a few simple sound bites referring to RP that we've all heard...

He can't win.
He's unelectable.
He's like your crazy uncle.

This way, even when RP gets some attention, that attention is immediately overpowered by the sound bite answer of "he has no chance".

Americans are dumb, brainwashed, and too busy trying to put food on their table to know any more about politics than that... so that's all they have to do.

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He is news. He is the only candidate

on either side that actually has a proven track record of being right, and actual, detailed solutions for the problems this country faces.

But note that a high proportion of his interviews are on the financial news sites where even the newscasters are somewhat aware of his record of correct predictions and aware of the strength of his economic analysis.

We see far fewer interviews on general news shows. Many avoid any mention of him at all. And many who do mention him do so in a negative way, plus interview him with planned "gotchas" and controlled sound bites that don't allow time for him to clearly present ideas that go beyond "hope" and "change" claims with no substantiation.

He IS totally ignored.

I was speaking with my 80+ year old Dad, explaining how Ron Paul is different than the others - reduce the role and scope of government, bring the troops home, etc. And he says:

"Why isn't he out campaigning?"

And there it was.

An intelligent person who knows nothing about the good doctor, because there is no exposure on the big 3 media stations he watches. Nothing in the small town paper.

Ron Paul is only shown on small cable channels, and when rarely on mainstream he's marginalized big time.

Same with my dad

Said he liked Herman Cain. I said I'm voting for Ron Paul. He says "Who's Ron Paul?" and he's lived in TX for over 40 years. I would have thought he'd at least get some air time in his home state.

excellent reply.

excellent reply.