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"This is How We Win"- phone banking success on 1st day

Howdy fellow liberty lovers. I'm a long-time lurker and veteran of the 2008 campaign. I've been sending money and talking up RP around my friends and family, but I wanted to do something more constructive for the campaign. So I finally signed up for phone banking and started yesterday.

I want to share how this went to encourage others to do it. I feel great about it and want to encourage as many other supporters to do something very very constructive to help RP win.

I called 116 Nevada phone numbers. I probably had about 30 people actually pick up the phone. Of those, 14 people completed the survey. Of those, one was already a Ron Paul supporter (woo-hoo!), and I'm sure she felt buoyed by the fact that the RP campaign was contacting her.

But here's the great part: I talked for probably 10 minutes with a gentleman who initially identified himself as a Romney supporter.

Once I mentioned the phone call was from the RP campaign, he said "I just don't know enough about him--he doesn't get to talk in the debates." Well, it turns out this gentleman was very well informed on the Fed, on the US debt crisis. Because I'm an economist and actually talk about this stuff in my classrooms every day, this was a great entree for me to talk up Ron Paul: how he's the one who made the Fed an issue in the first place, how he's the only one who is serious about balancing the budget and ending our fiscal crisis. Needless to say, this conversation went extremely well, and I will be personally following up with this gentleman with some good Ron Paul literature. I don't want to say I won a "convert"--I simply shed more light on Ron Paul's bona fides in a friendly, credible fashion. This man was already a Ron Paul supporter and just didn't know it yet.

Folks, this is exactly how phone banking is supposed to work! We don't win by converting the masses, but by energizing and motivating the small group of knowledgeable, intelligent people to go to the polls. I'm hooked, and I can't wait to start making calls tomorrow. I cannot recommend this activity enough! If you're a DP reader and not making phone calls yet, please, please, please do this! It is easy, fun and highly effective!


See you on the phones everybody...

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Run-RON-Run Phone Banking BOMB

The most important thing you can do for Ron Paul right now aside from donating to the campaign is phone banking and RECRUITING MORE PEOPLE TO PHONE BANK.

Don't pass up a chance to get YOUR VOICE heard.

Please join the Run-RON-Run Phone Banking BOMB event and post this link to as many pages and profiles as humanly possible.


Your Patriot @ Arms,


Phone From Home for RON PAUL!

TO ALL MEMBERS: Invite everyone of your friends to this event and share this link on your wall. This is how RP will take 2012 baby!!!


Your Patriot @ Arms,


Hey, who are you?

I'll bet I know you!!

We had a nice little, but mighty entry in the Virginia City, Nevada Veteran's Day Parade & then we made calls from the center at night. If you haven't made calls, it's really fun. Actually addicting. I got all set up with calling my precincts from home. EVERYONE needs to do this!!!

I'll try to post photos of the parade this wknd.

Cynthia Kennedy

Veterans Day Parade handing out literature

I had a lot of success with this and positive response. So many people did not know how to support him. I put up signs in yards yesterday as well. Great time.

One Percent is all it takes!

It will take only "ONE" Percent of the Population to get on-board to propel Ron Paul into the White House...This is where the phone is an invaluable tool,amongst others.
Their enthusiasm will act as a contagion to "infect" others around them...The rest will be written in the History Books...How the World was saved from the Abyss!

"Carpe Diem"-Seize the day!!!

Great first post, thanks for sharing.

Hey Economist,

Great first post and welcome to the DP! I'm with you on the Phone From Home (PFH) program. Others, register here if you haven't yet:


hosting a party

we are hosting a party this Mon. already have 7 RSVP to attend..did it last Monday too..good responses...In Liberty!


Right on!

It's informed and energetic people like you who get it done. You are right, it's only necessary to inform and energize a minority to be successful in changing the bad policies which have prevailed. Few voters actually think, keep finding the ones who do think. Thank you for all the work you are doing and please keep it up!

I have wanted to try it, but

I have wanted to try it, but last time people were getting called MULTIPLE times and were really pissed. If someone could affirm to me a way in which this is NOT happening this time, I would do it.

Not this time!

The grass roots efforts is focussing on Iowa ONLY, while Ron Paul's campaign's Phone From Home (PFH) program has their hands full with only NV & NH. I hope this will convince you to join PFH!

Registration link:

probably they've fixed any problems they might have had

Just sign-up and then ask someone to explain what precautions the campaign takes to make sure the system isn't going to call the same person multiple times. Once a live person is reached and that information entered the database can update and that number won't be called again. It's likely they are using a good system and it easily can be set-up to avoid the problems you describe. I'd have to bet they already have that covered, it's so very easy with any of the commonly used "hosted dialers".


It is NOT happening if you sign up through the website.

It is called a database

It would be very simple to do with one database accessed through the web which would store already invited numbers, and which would be updated by anyone after he/she calls some number.


There are many "hosted dialers" of the type the campaign must be using. I use one such service and have looked into many competing dialers, ALL make it very simple to make sure you don't dial the same number multiple times. Indeed, just as you say, you literally can order the system to reject all duplicates, to add numbers to the Do Not Call list, etc... and there's no way the dialer would call a number more than once. I don't know which specific system the campaign is using but it's safe to say they are not calling multiple times to the same number unless they're really screwed up somewhere.

This is excellent. Also I

This is excellent. Also I have been posting everything Ron Paul on my facebook. I have had 6 friends contact me to tell me they would never have known these facts about Ron Paul if not for posting them on my facebook.

Debbie's picture

That is great Sierra. The multiple calls was a problem last

due to un-coordination of the efforts. I was told this by someone at HQ - that is why they want all the calling to be done through the official campaign.


how does this work

What is the free dialogue process. I thought I had read that you simply follow the script and there really is no deviation. I would be worried that I will get more argumentative or lose focus while discussing something with a person. BUT, again, my knowledge was that there was no real free range of dialogue it was more just following a script. Can anyone shed some light on this. I want to do this but I don't want to end up pushing someone away by not following a script but rather trying to convince someone on my own.

they'll use a pop-up

Follow whatever instructions you get from the campaign...it's been thought out beforehand and they know what they want you to achieve. Whatever dialer they are using will have a screen pop-up every time you get a live answer transferred to you. The system keeps dialing and transferring live answers to available phone agents. When a live answer is transferred to you a pop-up shows who you are calling and there is a script for you to follow. It's very basic, the best political calling is very focused, very simple, the campaign will be looking for one or two bits of information to be collected from each conversation and you enter that and move on to the next call---the database will update immediately as you enter the information you collect. Just follow the script. They know what they want to accomplish and you are providing the indispensable human element and thus saving the campaign some real serious money. Most campaigns can't do something like this on this scale; the reason the Ron Paul campaign can do it and hope to succeed with it is because of the great energy of supporters. Best luck to you!

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The campaign uses a special program created for us, that was

also used in Rand's campaign. Here is a video message from Ron about it, and you can sign up: http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/v/login.php?v=1 They provide you with a script and it dials the numbers for you. Thanks for helping!!


It is just a poll.

It is just a poll. Essentially, who do you support? What matters to you? That is it. No discussion necessary. If we find our supporters and turn them out to vote we win.

Just follow the script

Can't go wrong by following the script. Remember that the goal is to identify supporters,not necessarily convert the masses.

Yes, you will have your occasional "deviation" but try to stay with the script - it will keep you focused and gather the information the campaign needs.

The telephone script

Would you (or someone) mind posting the telephone script?

I'd like to call for Ron Paul but I'd like to know what I'd be expected to say before hand. I think I'm more effective when I have the flexibility to put the message into my own words.

I've done a lot of telephone work for my own sales prospecting. I've even done recorded messages for automatic dialers/telecomputers that were very effective in generating responses.

Do you have to follow the script word for word? If so then I'd want to look at the script all the more...

Thanks in advance.

Emily, The script is very,


The script is very, very simple. It's just a very simple survey, and you never need to get persuasive with people. It's so easy to follow that you really can just read it on the first call.

The campaign recommends you follow word for word... but you'll find little ways to tweak it to enhance your success. Come on in and join the crew!


This is what we've been doing at WA State (in general; I didn't give you verbatim because I think I signed a contract and I can't remember what it says now :P)

Hello, I'm a volunteer helping with a Republican Poll. (Then I ask if they could answer a few short questions; but you can personalize the transition as you'd like)

1. Who would be your Republican nominee for president?
-- then there's this list; you can choose to read the candidates but a lot of them already know whose running (undecided and not voting (aka-democrat/Obama))

2. Basically ask how much their support is for them

3. Who would be their second choice

4. What two issues are important to you?

-- We have a list with a couple of issues and name them off, but I think you could probably just ask them directly since some were discouraged certain issues weren't a choice.

Then we say thank you for your time and reveal the identity of our organization. I'm not sure what you would do in this case since you're not actually with the campaign doing this calling.

As far as staying on script, I do when asking the questions. But if at the end they hear the call was from RP, some people will be like " awww I like that guy!" or "he's my third choice!" and they want to know why I like him or want to talk more, I will engage them for a little bit, but the campaign doesn't want you to insert issues that actually aren't RP's so be careful. It's definitely nice to find some people who are open to his message and want to inquire more :)

Not available

The script follows a path according to the previous response...just sign up and if you don't like the script just quit calling.

That's the spirit

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

thank you for sharing!



I'm always encouraged by things like this. I do truly believe there are educated people out there who are, deep down, Ron Paul people. They just don't know what they don't know...and it's up to us to help them with that.

I realized the power yesterday of Ron Paul being the only veteran in the POTUS 2012 field. Just by informing several people of that fact, I won four converts. I didn't have to go into detail about Ron Paul's positions or anything like that. Many people truly believe that to be Commander in Chief, you should be a veteran. This also details the importance of simplifying your message for Ron Paul sometimes...find what people care about, hit the high point(s) and leave it be.