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An idea for "RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL!"

I'm putting out an idea I have that I don't know how to implement. A web page called "RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL!", a site that only records votes for Dr. Paul, only one vote per IP address, only votes from the USA, and any other ideas anyone else can come up with to try to more accurately track and document the good Doctor's true level of national support, free of the MSM's propaganda. It could also have a map that shows where all the support is, nationally. I think this could be a useful tool. What thoughts or ideas do any of you have to add? Is this a good idea?

P.S. It could also have a live update feature that show his numbers rising live as you watch, and scroll peoples first names and last initials, city and state, like the money bomb does.

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The best tool I've found is the GOP

What you do is join the GOP and then go to meetings and show your support for Ron Paul. It's allot of fun.

It's how we win, occupy the GOP and then the White House.

Ron Paul or no one at all!

It's a great slogan, but I think your time is better spent promoting his ideas instead of defending or "proving" his "real" support. It could end up being self-defeating for various reasons.

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I agree

it absolutely has the potential to be self-defeating, but it is an interesting idea though. I'd maybe think of adding all candidates for comparison. And first name, last name address, and phone (phone not displayed publicly) would have to be listed for each voter rather than a username to make it more transparent and verifiable. I would think though that since it is potentially self-defeating if not done right, you should leave that idea up to the campaign.