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These are the people that should be taxed 100% of their income

Let me start off by saying I'm against taxes at all levels, but I'm really against corporatism. So if anybody should be taxed it should be the cheaters and not the honest hard working business owners.

People need to understand the difference between a Steve Jobs and a CEO of General Electric. Steve made all of his fortune by offering us products of value that we voluntarily buy while the CEO of GE made most of his fortune by lobbying government and getting government contracts and taxpayer subsidies and bailouts. Big big difference.

Steve had to cater to us (the consumer) in order to get rich, while the CEO of GE had to cater to a few politicians to get rich.

Anyway, here's a company controlled by a longtime political donor who got a no-bid contract of $443,000,000 to supply an experimental remedy for a threat that may not exist.


I say we tax the cheaters 100% of their income and let the honest businesses that offer us goods and services at a good price keep ALL of their money. They deserve their money and the cheaters don't!

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In Other Words


I've taken a pledge never to advocate the initiation of force to effect political change.

I would be in favor of stopping the benefits, but not of taking by force what was given.

It's not realistic to expect people to have the self-discipline to refuse favors offered freely to them, as Ron Paul does. Our elected representatives gave it them, and that's where the problem and solution lie.

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The interlocking dictatorships of the multinational corporations and central banks have destroyed humanity. Their lust for power and greed have ruined our existence.