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Did you notice Ron's new tailored suit?

Neither did I. His suit hung off him like some poor orphaned kid. Positively hideous. When is someone in his campaign going to organize an intervention meeting and put the clothing issue behind us?

This election is too important to lose over an ill-fitting suit, and if you think plenty of people don't judge a candidate by his suit you're not in touch with political reality.

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sitting down vs. standing up

He grasps the edge of the podium which makes the suit do that. I've seen him in person and he looks just fine.

go back and watch all of the interviews when he is sitting down and you won't see any issues with his suit.

every time he speaks, the

every time he speaks, the huge collar roll is all I see. It is very distracting.

You choose

to be distracted. You choose to be petty in front of the whole world.


but so will millions of others.

Untold MILLIONS of other people

are not fixated on RP's collar, sorry.

I must be completely ignorant

I must be completely ignorant of what a good tailored suit really looks like because I NEVER notice, but I found this link that was really helpful


However I sincerely still don't care...

Very nice!

I was expecting something goofy or maybe goofy/gay but this was a straightforward presentation.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

What I did notice

Is Romney looks constipated.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Geez! What is your fetish

Geez! What is your fetish about Ron Paul's suit???? He looked very presidential and very P'O'd with the whole debate scene. He has enough on his plate without worrying about whether or not you approve of his attire at any given function. Did you manage to listen to anybody on stage tonight without being distracted by their wardrobe?

Oh for crying in the mud!

I'll bet that Ron would have been asked 20 questions tonight if he had a better fitting suit...... NOT! Get over the wardrobe obsession and face facts. Ron was totally ignored tonight and it had nothing to do with his suit.
These morons who ask the questions are told exactly what they can do. Their jobs depend on them asking the right question to the right person. These aren't debates, they are propaganda. We can sit and whine and cry about the unfairness and that changes nothing. At this point, I am sure Ron Paul will never be the gop nominee.
It sucks but that is how it is. I hope we can raise enough money that he can go 3rd party if he chooses to do so.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Quite right,

a better fitting suit would not have added more time, however it would have helped maximize the time he did get.

I'm not into suits except as a tool to help accomplish objectives. The objective is to sound, act, and appear presidential because many voters are swayed by the superficial.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.