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A Word from Doctor Paul`s Military Advisor: Genghis Khan - "Stick Tight!"

Firstly, great warriors, we have made it over the wall. We are amongst them. Listen to them. WE are amongst them. They are calling for us to separate from them. Now is not the time to seperate. Now is the time for the words of the great Japanese warrior Musashino whos technique thrust us from their coasts.

We are in battle. The sphere of fire is where we are at. STICK TIGHT! WE are close range. Like us, our advisaries are exerting great force against us, as we force against them. It is not going well for us! We have them exact! STICK TIGHT!!! Stick tight not to ourselves, as we always will do that, but stick tight to them!!! Take advantage of this opportunity to win by sticking tight to them! Take advangage of every opportunity as you wrestle with them. WE have taken sides, facing off, it is not clear who will prevail, STICK TIGHT!!! Stick tight to them, we cannot be seperated from them.

WE shall find their flaws, learn how to win, and seize a powerful victory for mankind. This is quintessential.

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ecorob's picture

Ghengis Khan, please come back!

If you are still out there, please come back.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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