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The Guardian on the SC debate.

Blow by blow commentary... I particularly liked this comment...

"Pressed if that means war, Mitt waffles on for a bit about sanctions – really tough sanctions! – and he is just about to declare war on Iran when the moderator cuts him off because his time really is up. Grr.

Anyway, a Romney presidency means war with Iran. Hurrah. It's been years since America had a bloody, expensive and fruitless war."

He stated that Bachmann and Santorum were "reasonable" when it came to Pakistan but I find it hard to wrap my head around " we should be friends with them because they have a nuclear weapon"... did I miss something?


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nice sense of humor :D.

nice sense of humor :D. brilliantly written!

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At the SC rally yesterday

Ron Paul advocated that perhaps we should consider the Golden Rule when considereing the invasion of sovereign nations and all the collateral damage WE CAUSE.

I agree 100% and am dismayed that my fellow citizens think it is OK to pre-emptively strike another nation just to keep my baskside safe, with no hard evidence that they are a threat to us. THAT is the propaganda originally dished out by the GW Bush administration that much of the South (particularly SC) has swallowed hook, line, and sinker.


My comment...

Richard Adams, I'm a Chartered Accountant, naturalized US citizen and 100% behind the Ron Paul campaign. Does that make me a hippie or Communist?

Your comments about Ron Paul and, particularly, his foreign policy display a remarkable level of ignorance. Dr. Paul M.D. wrote a book on foreign policy. Do your colleagues at the Guardian a favor and read it, so as to prepare yourself better for the next time you decide to cover a campaign debate as a Guardian reporter.

Unlike the other candidates (John Huntsman excluded), the war-mongering pro-torture Bible-clutching pro-life hypocrites, Ron Paul does not believe in a foreign policy of "might is right." Are ten years of futile torturing and killing not enough for the likes of you?

Instead of parroting the clueless masses in mainstream media, do some independent research on Ron Paul, his positions and his diverse support base. Start reporting on a campaign that's worth covering. Expose your readers to a candidate who cares about our personal liberties, about Constitutional government, and one who is hated by the GOP Politburo and their media cronies. Not that's a cause worthy of a world class independently-minded reporter.

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I actually thought it was quite well written

satire. He adopted a faux NeoCon perspective and pretended to see through that lens. So from that view, Paul's supporters could be written off as "hippie commies." I think his Leftist audience will understand the joke. Not to worry.

that's how I took it too...

although he did seem to go in and out of character...

+ 1


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yeah, some of the

comments he makes are priceless


because im still laughing


People need to read this it will make you laugh. hahaha thanks for posting this. hahaha