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Thank you Troops! Thank you Comrades! Take No Responsibility-Get No Freedom

Thank your troops, and those who support all the military ventures this country has deployed spending Trillions of dollars while murdering millions around the globe.

Thank those who have supported all the cradle to grave socialist programs. So stop your complaining about why why why aren't "we" being treated fairly. See here for an idea:

So, want to know why there will never be a Ron Paul or other honest and moral man in the white house, in your state houses, in your local town? That's why. When you the American people "collectively" mcome to terms with the fucked up things WE have done around the globe, be willing to make ammends for them and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, in at least the proportions that sit back and say " yeah gotta choke off those iranians, or fuk those nips, gooks, slopes, rag heads and all the other peoples we have attacked, killed,raped, tortured...........toture, kill, rob, loot, occupy, then maybe that higher power will start to embrace this place again. AFTER we prove ourselves.


Most mofo's don't even realize how this works. It WILL come back to you in life. Maybe it comes back to you on your deathbed, or on our grandchildren but everything we do WILL come back and visit.

Everybody pays. Enjoy what you're paying or starting to pay these days? Pretty fucked up place isn't it? And most blame those chinese, or the banks, or the fed, or the president when you really need to look in the mirror. It all starts with the individual. Good luck, G-d bless and I'm done. If last night didn't conclude the fact that you ain't "votin" that man into office I don't know what else will.

Ron Paul has been eluding to this all along when he's said "until we change the way people think" nothing will really change except get worse.

He's right and in more ways than just economics. Economics is only a symptom of the life you lead. If Americans ever regain, or predominantly regain the type of morality that existed here once upon a time, then we'll qualify for a Ron Paul as our representative/leader. Not before that time.

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