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Cain Winning the Poll, Ron Paul 34%

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it's probably Cain just deleting his cookies & voting for himself over & over... (i do that on occasion)

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica


Cain knows nothing of foreign policy. Who's voting in this poll, anyway? Mindless members of the Cain Train? We can beat them.

So, Mr. Cain, 3 questions for you

Q: How do you decide on issues such as, what meets the definition of torture, or whether to take military action (foreign policy)?

A: Consult my Generals.

Q: You denied there was a housing bubble up to a week before it broke. How will you avoid making such an oversight again (domestic policy)?

A: As president, I would have a team of economic advisers this time to help me with those issues.

Q: Final question. Anyone can take advice. Do you plan on doing any thinking on your own, like a leader, or are you another special interest puppet?

We need to ask him that last one to get his answer.

uh oh, we're losing this poll