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Ron Paul interview with AARP Iowa 11/13/11

Ron Paul discusses social security, medicare, senior citizens on fixed incomes, inflation, jobs and the economy.



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wealth gap between young and old

Thanks for posting this video. there was an article that was in the news last week about the wealth gap between young and old folks: http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/income/story/2011-11-0...

The point of the article was that however bad seniors think they have it with the possibility to cuts in medicare and social security, younger folks are in a much, much worse situation.

This quotation summed it up nicely, in my opinion: "It makes us wonder whether the extraordinary amount of resources we spend on retirees and their health care should be at least partially reallocated to those who are hurting worse than them," said Harry Holzer, a labor economist and public policy professor at Georgetown University who called the magnitude of the wealth gap "striking."

Great interview but

do you think many seniors are on the internet to see it?




That was an excellent interview!

I'm going to send a link to my Dad and my Uncle.


How do people not love this guy? I agree - we need AARP on our side. Ads in the magazines!!!!!!!!!

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When I Was A Young Man, This Type of Interview Was The Norm

Respectful, asking good questions and easy to understand solutions.

Ron Paul, a man of peace and human understanding..

Well, At Least They Didn't Complain About His Age

Great interview, and proper respect.

I keep tearing up the AARP junk mail when they send it to me because they are such anti-liberty lobbyists. I won't contribute any money to their big-government agenda. Too bad, but maybe they'll learn something from Dr. Paul.

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Nice, Respectful, Informative

All the qualities of a great interview and a great interviewer. Too bad so many interviewers don't CARE about their subject and haven't learned to listen.

Delightful way to start the day.

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Seniors are PISSED over Social Security this year!!

Seniors were PISSED about Soc. Sec. this year!!

I was waving signs at the polls during our town election last week. Three diff. seniors came to me to complain, mostly about Republicans, and how its up to the government to provide jobs and relief and care for people. Naturally!

But what they were pissed off about was the Social Security issue, naturally, and how the cost of living increase didn't happen even though prices are rocketing.

These seniors blamed Republicans, but I blamed Democrats, specifically Obama, and said, "Ron Paul is the only candidate looking out for seniors and consumers. If he was President, he'd go back to the old Consumer Price Index, which would guarantee a COLA increase this year." The democrats across the way were listening.

To another guy who had some time, I added: "He'd restrain federal spending and money printing, and eliminate subsidies. Food would be more affordable, and COLA would not have to be increased under Ron Paul."

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Why seniors / AARP should support Dr. Paul for President.

Why seniors / AARP should support Dr. Paul for President.
1) Has never voted to violate the trust funds and to the contrary he has introduced legislation to protect them.
2) He will maintain the real purchasing power of the benefits by stopping the back door confiscation through inflation.
3) The “Restore America Plan” balances the budget without touching or modifying the current and future beneficiaries.
4) The reforms in block granting, competition and legal reforms will actually improve and lower the cost, therefore actually increasing the value of the benefits.
5) Allowing citizens 25 and younger to “opt out” phases out the cycle of dependency.
I’m sure there are more reasons; please feel free to add more, you get the idea / venue. Obama and the other major (Gary Johnson is an exception) Republican candidates will continue to use the back door of inflation confiscation and the corporatist payoffs lowering quality the benefits. In conclusion Dr. Paul is the only being honest and responsible about this.
We need to get this to senior organization, the campaign, etc. This is a win / win situation for seniors and young people!

I forwarded this to the campaign.

I hope Jack Hunter and (or) the campaign can run with this one! This can be a / the senior's bomb :^)

audio here (with video also)


"While in Iowa at the beginning of November, Congressman Ron Paul sat down with WHO-TV's David Price to tape an interview as part of AARP's 2012 Video Voters Guide. The discussion is centered on the primary concerns of senior citizens, namely Social Security and Medicare, along with job creation and the economy."

Very nice interview!

Very nice interview!

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Dr. Paul always teachs me something new.

No matter how many interviews I see, Dr. Paul discusses an idea in a way most never imagine.

Thanks for posting.


Well said! I think the same way. Most Americans have been conditioned to think only one way. However 50 years ago we didn't have Medicare, 80 years ago we didn't have Social Security and people were taken care of.

Frontpage bump!!!

Frontpage bump!!!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Thanks for posting, and am

Thanks for posting, and am glad he did this interview for the older folks. I don't know if they will like him more because of it, but I hope so.

good find


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