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Fox: Ron Paul Raises $1 Million on Vets Day and has Most Vet Support


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Let's slam the iTunes chart

Christmas No1 on Billboard chart for Golden State - Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)

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Someone post a working link?

New link please

This one is brokenn........!!!!!!!!!!!!

link broken?

found this linked on ronpaul.com, seems to be the right video

Dwindling Donations

With momentum picking up, why are these money bombs turning over less and less money?

Steven E. Helsel

What's up with that guy's hair?


You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!


posted on Twitter.

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Spend 75% of it in Iowa and 25% in New Hampshire

Ron Paul has demonstrated that he can raise a million on just about any day-rain or shine. Spend the money wisely in Iowa and get some early traction and the money floodgates will open for Ron Paul! Raising money will not be a problem. The people are ready for honest leadership.

alan laney

This post implies...

... that most of the money raised on Veterans Day came from the military and that it was raised in one day.

Sorry, I don't buy it. True, some of the money may have come from the military, but I would venture to guess that the lions share came from Ron Paul core supporters (non military).

Further, I believe that every time there is a money bomb, it is the same RP core of dedicated supporters that are the only ones donating. If the base were expanding the donations would be increasing exponentially.

Most people are adverse to donating to any candidate or political party. Corporations give (bribe) big time for their stooges and they expect a payback. Their money is cold and drenched in blood.

Ron Paul is unique in that he is the only candidate whose supporters actually love, admire and respect him from the depths of their souls. Ron Paul support money is drenched in pure love.

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Last quarter Ron Paul had

Last quarter Ron Paul had 100,000 donors. That is a pretty big core of dedicated supporters.

Great story on Gingrich's fabrications...


If you want to send the reporter a note of encouragement:

To contact the reporter on this story: Clea Benson in Washington at cbenson20@bloomberg.net

Got an appreciative reply!...

"Thanks so much for your nice note!..."

Plano TX

URL is broken..

URL is broken..

Now I can surely thank these

Now I can surely thank these service Men & Women! Good job you two.


How I love Judge Nap, but not as much as RP of course.

I got a question

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I just don't want this coming back to bite us. Did it not take three days to raise 1 million?

It will bite us

The cleaner one is, the more dirt that shows. So you can bet that Ron Paul's enemies will see that as a BIG LIE, BIGGEST LIE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, and blame Ron Paul.


But then I thought, who really cares if it took 24 or 72 hours?

I don't care as an ally of RP and why would our enemies care?

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Commercial Ad idea

I'm thinking this could be effective:

Everyone is so determined to be out there in the public domain and 'SUPPORT THE TROOPS IF YOU SUPPORT AMERICA'. And I do.

Why not have an ad campaign that tests the strength of this idea. Remember when it appeared that overseas military votes would not be counted or recounted in Bush/Gore? There was an absolute firestorm.

I say this issue of support from the military should be trumpeted, and the American electorate should be confronted with the question: "DO YOU SUPPORT OUR TROOPS? THEN PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY SAY" AMERICA NEEDS A COMMANDER IN CHIEF THAT HAS THE HEART AND SOULS OF THE SOLDIERS." THE TIME FOR RON PAUL IS NOW.


Free Diddy

Master Sergeant Stewart = Amazing

She was eloquent, articulate & obviously deserved her post in intelligence. Sound bite 2:35-3:28 is incredible. This needs to be replayed & sent to every single person you know.

Thank you to both veterans for stepping it up!

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

deserved her post?? What I don't get...

...is how after 20 years she was "only" a Master Sergeant. Must have been HER choice to stop just short of being an Officer. Sure seems like GENERAL, or at least Colonel, material to me!! Or, how about...

Secretary of DEFENSE!! (Anybody think RP could do better?? Unless of course Kwiatkowski doesn't win the congressional seat and is available for it.)

Master Sgt. is a whole

Master Sgt. is a whole different promotion path - you cannot be promoted from MSgt to Officer unless you become an officer by your own accord (which requires a college degree, approval, a different set of training schools) there is also an age limit so a lot of people become ineligible after a while and just stick with the enlisted side.

Master Sergeant to Officer...

Only happens in video games! If you are a Master Sergeant you are a non-com lifer and only have one rank left to obtain...


actually two to go from that point. Master Sergeant would be followed by Senior Master Sergeant and then potentially Chief Master Sergeant.

Either way, she was an NCO, not an Officer. I suppose she could have decided to apply for and attend Officer Training School during her career at some point, but there's really no need for it. A 20 year Master Sergeant is probably equivalent of a Lt Colonel or Colonel in many cases, leadership wise... and most likley has a hell of a lot MORE direct leadership experience with "the troops". NCOs are the backbone of the military - I know, I was USAF for 5 years back in the 90s. :)

Inner military politics ??

Non-commissioned? Had different positions? Maybe just was a stickler for the Constitution & rubbed her superiors the wrong way.

What i thought was great is that the little ticker next to her stated that she voted Perry for governor & regrets it. Love it when folks wake-up! and then go on to support Dr. Paul.

(oh - the word "master" threw me; read too fast - thought it was high-up in intelligence dept.)

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Just because a person has

Just because a person has made their way up the enlisted ranks doesn't mean that person wants to become an officer. In my branch(Navy), the Chiefs shape young officers and a majority of them choose(some can't go that route anyways) to stay enlisted(even though the pay differences are astounding).

I went from Sgt. in Marines to Army SSG to Warrant Officer

but, I had to endure a very difficult year at Ft. Rucker to become a helicopter pilot. Can be done.

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Lancia seems pretty hard-core.

It was great to see vets representing for Ron Paul.
Did you see her jaw drop when she heard Nate was wearing a RP button on his uniform?
I'm not picking on Nate, but I'm pretty sure that is a breach of etiquette.
Apologies to Nate if I'm mistaken.

Her jaw didn't drop. If you

Her jaw didn't drop. If you listen carefully, she says something a couple of times right around then. She may be talking to the cameraman.

It's not a breach of etiquette...

It's downright against the regulations to wear a political pin like that while in uniform.


It took courage and I applaud him for it. His CO might have a different outlook on the matter, however.