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Guess who is the moderator for Saturday night's debate

Romney and Huntsman will be no-shows. More time for Ron? Better chance to talk to million? Not so fast, it's not going to be on TV.

But get a load of who the moderator is:


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Y'all gonna see this, right?


Forget all of this: :-)
Info: video links, 5 p.m. EST
"CitizenLink Facebook page, “look in the left-hand column for ‘Livestream.":


Luntz wouldn't dare take any cheap shots during the forum.

He'd be run out of town by all the Paul supporters in Iowa.

Don't understand why Romney won't be there? Seems this event would be right up his alley.

Luntz. I don't think that

Luntz. I don't think that could be healthy for anyone.

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This is coming right after

This is coming right after fox just came out with a poll indicating gingrich now leads. The moderator was a lobbyist for fannie and freddie and of course so was newt.

this will be worse than bill

this will be worse than bill o'reilly's "so-called" debate. i'm discrediting it before it happens


Sponsor: National Organization for Marriage

Thanksgiving Family Forum
Saturday, November 19, 4 – 6 pm
First Federated Church, Des Moines, Iowa
Sponsor: National Organization for Marriage

Candidates of the Mormon faith have been invited to attend.

FU Frank!


This clown TEACHES people how to mislead people and how to lead them to give the poll results you want. Who the hell thinks he has any integrity at all? This guy has no legitimate place in society, let alone public life.

Freedom Wins!

John Stossel?

Please everyone consider this:


we need everyone's support andthe campaign will support this. They need storm to change his vid and website to December 7-10th and they will support this. 3 days for money bomb,. 3 days for flyer, email, call bomb. His video must also include the calling, they need people to volunteer to call. Please consider getting in 20 minutes per day, that will reach about 40-50 phone numbers with the automatic dial system.

Sounds like nothing but a hit job

I don't believe any good can come out of this non debate. Just carefully edited sound bites with intent to damage. Might as well have sacha baron cohen moderate as well

How appropriate

It is so much easier to manipulate opinion when you don't show it live and can cut and chop the footage to portray it in a way you like. It seems very appropriate that Frank Luntz would be involved.

Luntz is proud of his sleezyness

Next to Frank Luntz, Diogenes the Cynic would consider Karl Rove to be reasonably honest.

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This is not being televised because ...

This is not being televised because Romney is sitting this one out. Plain and simple. Since he's sitting this out (As well as Huntsman), they'll be forced to give Ron Paul more time. Although with Frank Luntz, the sleaziest most deceitful pollster there is, running the show, I wouldn't put anything past him.

Oh, it will be televised

As follow-up news after Frank has cherry picked the questions/reactions in order manipulate viewers to his opinion as to who won and who lost. I’m going say it right now before he spits out his hogwash – FU Frank.

Prank Putz

Will it be any wonder what bag of tricks this delusionist will pull out of his hat on his inflated head, up the ass of major media in his staged performance.


Frank You Luntz !

Frank Luntz

I guess this is America, but seriously, is he the best they can come up with. These debate farces are getting pretty silly. However, the more they try and diminish Ron Paul, the taller he stands. He can make more sense over a cup of coffee than the others can at a CNN podium - and it's starting to really show. Let these other clowns hog the spotlight. They think that is to their advantage. WRONG. It's showing how shallow and manipulated their thinking is. People may be gullible, but they're not stupid. Realistically, only one guy beats Obama, and it's our man Ron Paul. The GOP may not like it, but they better get used to it. I'm not so sure they wouldn't throw the GOP under the bus for another 4 years of Obama, rather than push Ron Paul.

alan laney

Isn't it strange that C-SPAN would bail?

I mean this is a presidential debate.

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It's NOT a debate...it is a forum

that is another reason why cspan bailed, I'm sure.

OMG...Frank Luntz? Say it isn't so!

I don't think I can bear to watch it.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

WTF? Frank Luntz? That's CBS Times Ten...Man I Don't Know Here

This Is Crap! F.U. Frank Luntz Moderating an Untelevised Political Forum..

Geez Oh My!

I don't know if Paul should

I don't know if Paul should sit this out. On one hand... it's another opportunity to get out the message, on the other, it could be a watered-down skewed portrayal.

In any event, I think the big message here, and what's going on so far, is that even though the media is trying to block him out and his message, I think the people are waking up. More people are voting for him in straw polls, his numbers are doing awesome! DESPITE the bias coverage by the media...

Should Dr. Paul attend?

This debate isn't going to be broadcast, and if this Luntz guy has it out for Dr. Paul maybe he shouldn't attend. The only thing that will come out of this debate is negative headlines for Paul. And now that he's at 19%, does he need to?

It seems Frank Luntz won’t

It seems Frank Luntz won’t win the DP on-line poll. He is going to engage Ron Paul at this debate. Luntz doesn’t want to talk to Perry, Bachman, Santorum, etc... Frank Luntz is a word person. He knows their meanings, connotations and all that. He wants to talk to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is careful with words and experienced in presenting liberty’s side. Get the popcorn out. This debate is going to be interesting.

Here's why I don't trust Frank...

Decide for yourself!!



It may be common practice, but I don't like that the focus group presents decisions for the undecided watching at home. Instead of using the 'focus group' completely random people would be more trustworthy in my opinion.

This one has profanity, but it's funny.

Luntz is the tool of tools

Search him on Youtube. He pays his focus group members to say what he wants them to for the Fox viewers. It's sick.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

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Luntz's so-called 'focus groups' are designed to form YOUR

opinion. Have a look:


It's what the man is paid to do.


My first reason came after watching Penn & Teller's "Bullshit" on Luntz. Youtube it.

Later, well they covered it below pretty much.

So called focus groups, and attacking RP supporters

He has done focus groups after a debate where Ron Paul nailed it out of the park. And somehow all the people from his focus groups were very excited about one particular candidate. His focus groups are nothing but actors and or people that all support one group.

Also, on Fox News, Luntz basically attacked Ron Paul because his supporters are enthusiastic... Here's the spot and link for the video.

Ya..he has a mind-reading

Ya..he has a mind-reading machine. It is incredible. Oh, and he brags that he can get any answer he wants by asking the question a certain way. AND he laughed at Ron in 2007-8. He laughed. AND disparaged all who supported him. He will be paid WELL to get what he wants said. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) Ron Paul has had more experience than ANYONE else with "gotcha" questions, and twists of words. Face to face with Ron, FUFRANK goes down!!