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Senator John McCain: Waterboarding Is Torture

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Anyone in America who thinks that we should use water boarding should be water boarded first to see how it is just like how cops use a taser on themselves on video.

It is disgusting to me that anyone can cheer for water boarding.

did McCain just commit treason? Oh I forgot, Dems still have the

white house and he sounded as if he might be supporting Obama just a little.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

As said before this is not

As said before this is not surprising or new, it's the only thing McCain gets right.
How he came to "get it right is the subject that perplexes me and it can be extrapolated to many other situations.
I understand an experience can have an effect on ones way of thinking and even change it sometimes.But why is it so common that people only see the principle in something if it happens to them.
The first thing you here many people say when they hear of a horrible situation is :

-"yes I have children, that man who killed those kids is horrible"

And again I can understand that, but then why are they so often not capable of asking them selves :

-"what if I was a legitimate no subsidized solar panel manufacturer and the gov. shut me down by giving billions of risk free (semi risk free if you insist) money to others to do the same, wouldn't I fill taken advantage of?"

--"what if I was a kid and my civilian parents where killed in collateral damage by a drone, wouldn't I be angry at the killers?"

Anyway long subject to talk about, oh and McCain you still subjugate and promote tyranny on people here and worldwide so you suck !

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

McCain Was Tortured

I'm not sure why it would surprise anyone to know he's against it.

That's the whole thing about torture: even if it worked, even if it was moral, even if it was legal, the practical reality is that in war, if you want the enemy not to torture your buddies, you'd better not torture theirs.

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Bla bla bla

McCain is a highly adept reader of polls and public opinion. All he's doing now is positioning himself, trying to get out in front of the herd and preserve his relevance. I guess I don't have to tell any of you not to trust this guy ever, not even with a cup of coffee.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

and then he voted AGAINST the ban on torture

explain that one?

Maybe Romney knew something when McCain went of on his tangent at the last Presidential debates. Lets re-watch and notice how Romney has to try his hardest to keep from busting out in laugh in such a serious topic. Now why on earth would this be so damn funny?

Unless he knew it was a bunch of sh*% to begin with?


Wow McCain looks horrible!

Wow McCain looks horrible! Funny I could have sworn he was for water-boarding. Notice how he doesn't mention RP at all. Even though he looks like he could leave this earthly plane tomorrow he still isn't done playing their game. Although I'm not sure what he was making this statement for. (MSM letting some upset republicans know that not every republican politician thinks water-boarding is OK? as long as it isn't RP that is)