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Anyone know (maybe Michael) how the DP membership grew from 07 to today?

Would be nice to have a graph.

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I believe there's around

I believe there's around 41,249 registered users on this site. I am sure not all are active by any means.

When you see 300 online, there's probably 4 times that not logged in.

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We have right now over 350 people on, on a Tuseday mid afternoon.
I remember in 07 we would get maybe 50-60. So we are growing but would like to see some numbers and graphs.

Well, I'm still promoting

Well, I'm still promoting Daily Paul to others...I'm so very thankful to you, Michael, and all those who contribute.
Tonight our local meetup group met and I asked the small group if they were getting some of their "news" from this site. To my surprise not all knew about the Daily Paul. WHY??
I have also seen a difference in the number of those participating in Ron Paul related Meetup groups. The number of members are really down. Four years ago there seemed to be much more involvement/activities at this stage of the campaign.. Anyone else see a difference? WHY??