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Gingrich = McCain version 2012. We MUST not allow this! Discuss strategies!

Folks...we all worry about Romney, Cain & Perry...but Gingrich is the one to worry about.

The similarities between Gingrich's campaign & McCain's 2008 campaign are to close to ignore. McCain was "broke" and didn't have support right out of the gate. He began to surge at this point in the race last time & he snuck in for the nomination...just like Gingrich is doing. We MUST stop him in his tracks before too much momentum is gained. We need to keep this race on course to end up Romney VS Paul. That is how we win, because conservatives do not accept Romney.

What all knocks on Gingrich do you guys suggest we spend our energy spreading & making viral.

He has to be stopped! We have helped tear down the other frauds...this is our last one to tear down & the entire field will have been exposed.

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Don't People Remember?

Newt was one of the biggest players to give us NAFTA!!!

Remind people NAFTA was the reason our companies went over seas and our jobs got out sourced!

IMO NAFTA is one of the most destructive things that has ever happened to this country.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Here is a strategy


The campaign and Dr. Paul have asked us to do this,now we need to or fact is we will not win!

Newt McCain or John McGingrich.

It's not fair, and it isn't analogous, but it could at least be damaging.


Romney is really the real threat. Once Gingrich's personal history and treachery on Paul Ryan's budget is known, Gingrich will fall like a stone in Iowa. Jerry Doyle is doing the "heavy lifting" in that area. I predict we will see phony polls showing Romney surging just before the Iowa caucuses or between Iowa and New Hampshire.

Romnimmy Carter

Ooooh. I kinda like it.

Mcain at least was a "war hero"

... and had some decency to at least say no to waterboarding. And he wasn't a complete a-hole to reporters asking him questions.

Newt has a lot of baggage, and granted he's got a pretty good gift for gab, but he's already flip-flopped on going into Libya and his stance for torture and unconstitutional assassination won't help him. The more Ron brings up Alawki's son, who was 16 years old and was killed while he and his friend were barbecuing in the backyard, the less likely Gingrich is going to be able to defend his stance. McCain's recent criticism of GOP candidates other than Paul & Huntsmen also carries some weight.

Did he really cheat on his

Did he really cheat on his former wife when she had cancer? Did she in fact die from cancer? Tell me the story. If it's what I think he did it could be incredibly damning. Remember what happened to Edwards. It's not really a low blow to go here because these are character issues. He's interviewing for POTUS not a job at a pizza parlor.

Every 6 weeks

Every 6 weeks we get a new "clearly in the lead" GOP candidate.

Every time I see people on here up in arms about how this is the big one that must be stopped.

Gingrich? Really?

I am not moved by this... just going to wait another 6 weeks... the media will get bored once again.

In the mean time still pushing Ron Paul.

I just want to say that we

I just want to say that we need to get going now. The big guns have been thrown at us already the only things that are left to do is ignore more and vilify which we know brings with it blowback. We are ahead now let's get going NOW!!!

The Ron Paul campaign is out of sight come join the revolution it really is something other than else!

newt; neoncon of the week

gingrich is currently the neocon candidate of the week, but romney and cain still going strong even though both are horrible candidates. perry is history.


Gingrinch is worse than McCain and equally war-monger.

Newt Gingrich divorced his wife on her cancer deathbed while he had a mistress.

He's a man without principles, and member of CFR.