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SupervoterBomb.com: Direct-Mail RevPAC Project Launched

I'm pleased to finally unveil a project I've been working on behind the scenes here at RevPAC for the last couple of weeks.


The new Bloomberg poll yesterday has revealed Ron Paul is running neck and neck for first place in Iowa. Well, we're going to put him well over the hump by direct-mailing two informative literature pieces directly to 200,000 Republican "Supervoters" - 100K in Iowa and another 100K in New Hampshire. A Supervoter is someone who has voted in the 2008 and 2010 Republican primaries - the exact people we need to reach and inform them about how Ron Paul is hands down the best candidate to support for the Republican nomination.

The envelopes we intend to direct-mail will include one of RonPaulProduct.com's beautiful and informative Super Brochures, and a copy of the "For Liberty Re-cut" DVD, which has woken up untold numbers of people about Ron Paul and the message of Liberty. We're going to specifically tailor the DVD to feature specific add-on videos describing Ron's foreign policy, and that he receives the most donations from the military.

Also in the envelope will be a personalized letter from New York Times' best-selling author, and Honorary Chairman of RevolutionPAC, Thomas E. Woods. In the letter (and in a way only he can), Tom will encourage the recipients to carefully review our mailed materials before going to the polls to vote for Ron Paul. Tom Woods people!

We've ran the numbers, and for the unbelievably low cost of only $1.20/each we can deliver one envelope to one Supervoter. The envelopes themselves can be printed with color artwork and graphics (design still in progress). We will blanket Iowa's Supervoters first, then move the project to focus on New Hampshire.

We need your help to make this direct-mailing project a success. We can absolutely boost Ron's poll numbers, and put him solidly above the chaff by going directly to Republican primary Supervoters with these informative and educational lit pieces.

Hit up the Supervoter Bomb Facebook page and give it some Likes and Shares! We need everyone's help to spread this around as quickly as possible.

We have to do our mailings in batches of 30,000 envelopes to get the best possible bulk rate, which will cost $36,000/batch. With the Iowa caucus only 48 days from now, and the New Hampshire primary just 55 days, there's absolutely no time to waste.

All in all, we have to raise $240k to successfully blanket the 200,000 Iowa and New Hampshire Supervoters. The deadline is set for Dec 1st. Let's get started.


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So where is this money? I donated and the last I could see it went to $90k and yet the other donation site says it is still several k short.


Get super voters bombed to recruit more bombers!

150k left to target these politically active probable Paulites(once they get their super brochure--how can they resist) They will join us in the march forward to get the rest of the nation informed. That means more calls, more emails, more posts, more signs, more tshirts, more campaign funds from new sources!

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

I forgot to say

Please make this happen. Thank You

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

We're only $10k away from

We're only $10k away from reaching the Iowa goal. Let's do it! Donate again if you can.


black friday purchase

for liberty

Confirmation number: 74L01074LS537714X
Donation amount: $200.00 USD
Purpose: Supervoter Bomb
Contributor: DFWRIDER

Just donated..

$25 for the supervoter bomb and $17 worth of brochures in Fremont, IA (wherever that is)!


Hopefully, someone can explain this. I'm in GA and just received the flyer in the mail; says it was paid for by someone in Bradenton, FL. Georgia isn't even on the list yet! What's the explanation?

Someone probably ordered

Someone probably ordered brochures directly from http://www.ronpaulproducts.com/brochure2.html and you somehow are on the list that they are targeting with their mailings.


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If it didn't come with anything else, it sounds like it's from the ronpaulproducts drive.

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Please look at this E


I am exhausted and I know it is not perfect, but it is there. I showed your vid to the people

I am exhausted. Need to promote to meetups, your website is located under canvas, very simple site, that is what the people wanted, but will be working on it and adding stuff etc...I have your brochure, that they can click on and it takes them to your site for ordering.

Please bump, vote up, share on here and youtube, will be getting it to meetups tomorrow and ronpaulforums. Happy Thanksgiving.

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

Received a mailing in Georgia?

Hopefully, someone can explain this. I'm in GA and just received the flyer in the mail; says it was paid for by someone in Bradenton, FL. Georgia isn't even on the list yet! What's the explanation?

I think these brochures would

I think these brochures would be best served if mailed to New Hampshire first, Ron Paul is a clear first in Iowa, New Hampshire on the other hand has 40% support for Romney.

Just gave $50

will give $50 more when we hit the half way mark.

If I had to pick - spending less money and getting more sent....

I loved the brochure and just bought Linn County precinct 12. However, it is a little confusing between the two sites. If I had to pick - spending less money on the brochure but getting more mailed without the CD is the way to go. The brochure is a quick sound bite that addresses defense, taxes, immigration, etc. without being overloaded. People get their mail and make quick decisions whether to toss it. If the package looks too cumbersome with a CD, a letter and brochure, they are more likely to throw it out. At least with the brochure they can quickly scan and get the message.

I think the CD would turn them off to Dr Paul. It has a lot of young people with out credentials (sorry thinking of the masses), focuses on 2008 election and foreign policy, highlights some of Paul detractors, etc. I don’t want to knock the CD and it would be good for some, but not the masses and a lot of people don’t know who Tom Woods is. Are people looking at the letter, CD or brochure? What do you do with political mail?

I think I would be intrigued by getting a CD from a campaign

I also have the same criticisms of the CD cntent as you but I believe it is the best we have for now. You would think a group of people this talented could put together something better.

Ron Paul Super Brochure mailed directly into the homes of these

Is there a way to make sure this doesn't overlap with the "Buy a precinct" program? If not which one is better to donate to?


The two programs ARE coordinating to make sure there isn't overlap.

Adam T -- You're the man!

Love the graphic!

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

:) I try.

:) I try.


With the phone from home program, flier bomb, money bombs, this is a great addition to all that we are doing in waking people up.

Georgeous Graphic!

Let's get it at the top of the DP home page!
(like all the other money bomb graphics)

$60 from me


Chipped in.

Chipped in.

Tom's awesome

Tom's awesome letter:


malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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Great Coordination

I was looking over the rp products site yesterday but wanted to know where the effort would be best spent at various times of the campaign and the charts you've provided, etc. help show where the need is going to be and when.


How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

Great opportunity

This effort represents a great opportunity to inform thousands of potential supporters on why Paul is the obvious choice. Being deployed, I often feel as though I can do little but sit on the sidelines and cheer. Efforts like this one give me the chance to feel like I'm truly participating in getting the right man in the office.

However, I am embarrassed that, on its sixth day of fund-raising, the drive has only amassed some $48k. I try to pay attention to fund-raising efforts as best I can, and I didn't even know about the SuperVoterBomb until today.

I don't understand why DailyPaul.com appears to favor one supervoter petition above the other, and I'm very disappointed that both bombs have not been more effectively highlighted.

Admins need to get it together and fast. Both bombs need to be front and center, top of the page, with updated donation counts. Figure it out, fellas.

bigmikedude's picture

They are.

Both are at the top of the main page, 2nd spot, and 3rd spot, with the first spot being used for current news. It doesn't get much better than that.

One of them, linking to BOTH affiliated projects is stickied in 2nd position.

One has a ticker, the other has no data stream to automatically update which precincts have been bought, and would have to have a dedicated person updating all of the precincts bought, 24/7. Not everything is 'just a couple of clicks'.

There are also numerous other threads related to either/or floating around and frequently getting bumped onto the actives list.

Home Page: http://www.dailypaul.com/

Super Brochure


No, it gets a lot better. For

No, it gets a lot better.

For starters, the "2nd spot" article is a cluttered, full screen-length mishmash of videos, links, highlights, bolds, and italices. If it is even noticed below the 3/4 screen-length first article, it is not likely to be read by a casual passerby. At first glance, it looks more like a tour of how Ron Paul fliers are manufactured than a grass-roots fund-raising effort for which the clock is ticking right this second. The die-hards will read every word of every article and get it done, but casual viewers won't.

The article that follows it appears to be yesterday's news. Daily Paul frequently features bomb donation totals permanently on top, not on article 3. Here it looks more like a past fundraiser that failed to reach its goal. Further, the DP header at the top of the page features a link to “www.ronpaulproducts.com,” not even the location of the site where the brochure itself is purchased per the fundraiser. This is unnecessarily confusing. Instead, both fundraisers should be featured at the top in icon form and both should link to the place of purchase.

Further, both fundraisers should be featured in one post at position one, in a simple, concise manner. That post should clarify their differences (DVD/Brochure to 83 Supervoters/$100 vs Brochure to 181 Supervoters/$100) and that they will not overlap recipients.

And yes, a periodic update of the superbrochure's earnings would be healthy for fundraising. Your snide comment about updating every 3/seconds is unnecessary and sophomoric. However, since the deficiency is noted, perhaps someone at DP could contact RonPaulProducts.com to have a data stream set up.

DP is critical in getting the word out and I know the site can do better because I've seen it.



Brochure link in DP Homebar

should link to SupervoterBomb.com instead of ronpaulproducts.com IMO

Vote up if you agree.

Let's keep this thing moving!!!

Los Angeles, California