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Dean Allen Supports Banning Ron Paul & His Supporters in Email to SCGOP Chairman

Email from Dean Allen to SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly and several others:

Date: Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 7:23 PM
Subject: Disrespect shown at Presidential debates
To: chairman@scgop.com . . .

Hon. Chad Connelly

Dear Chad,

I attended the Presidential Debate last night at Wofford College. Overall, this was a wonderful evening. Everyone was well dressed, and it was an opportunity to visit and socialize with so many dear friends who share my love for the SCGOP, our state and our nation.

The debate was a chance to showcase Wofford, Spartanburg, and the SCGOP to a national audience.

However, there was one glaring problem that ruined our enjoyment of the debate, and was a major embarassment to all of us in front of a national TV audience.

I refer to the boorish behavior of the Ron Paul idiots who repeatedly disregarded clear instructions to tone down the lengthy, and at times inappropriate, applause. Then these same fools crossed a line and actually booed a Republican candidate who was speaking.

We all have strongly held beliefs. Most of us are supporting one of the candidates and have strong disagreements with a few of the others. However, we have been raised by our parents to show some manners, dignity, and respect for ourselves and others that is clearly lacking in the Ron Paul supporters. You simply do not boo Republican speakers at Republican events. This is particularly offensive when it is done for the specific purpose of embarassing the SCGOP and our candidates before a national audience.

One of these Ron Paul supporters, Brian Frank, was seated directly in front of me in the audience last night. He was one of the worst offenders. I noticed he was gone after the first hour of the debate and wondered if perhaps he had been ejected from the arena for his repeated misbehavior? He called me on the phone this morning and told me why he left after the first hour.

You will find this hard to believe it is so obnoxious. He said, he and many other Ron Paul supporters were only in the audience for the specific purpose of booing other candidates; and, after the first hour, because they were no longer showing their rear end to a national TV audience and embarassing us, they then left!

I was flabbergasted! Not only did they act in a crude and disrespectful manner; they actually had no interest in the proceedings, other than to disrupt them. There were hundreds of Wofford students who did not get tickets to the event in the lottery. There were hundreds of long time GOP activists who did not get tickets. These Ron Paul supporters had tickets, misbehaved, and then walked out of the event. This is simply deplorable.

I am furious about this. I feel like someone who has been stolen from, or victimized in some other manner. I am also frustrated that this very small minority of the people in the audience were able to make all of us look disrespectful to a national audience.

I believe this is a pattern of intentional misbehavior by Ron Paul supporters, that appears to have the tacit approval of Ron Paul himself because HE does not ask them to stop misbehaving and show some respect.

I believe in all future SC GOP events, we should either ban Ron Paul supporters, or, ban Ron Paul himself.

Frankly, if there is any legal way to do it; I believe we should give Ron Paul his money back, take his name off the SC GOP primary ballot and tell him to go join the Occupy Wall Street movement since he clearly has no respect for the Republican Party and does not know how to behave in polite society.

One Wofford professior did speak to some of them about booing during the debate. All they did was laugh at him, ignore his pleas for decorum; and, continue to misbehave.

Unless you, and the SC GOP Executive Committee take some action and sanction Ron Paul in some manner, this atrocious pattern of misbehavior is likely to continue to be repeated; further eroding respect for the SCGOP and its Executive Committee.

I urge you, and the Executive Committee to take some action on this matter, if it is nothing more than a public censure that is communicated to the mass media and includes an apology to Wofford College, CBS, the National Journal, and the American people for the boorish and highly inappropriate behavior of Ron Paul supporters.

As you know, law enforcement was very visible and on high alert to prevent the Occupy Wall Street crowd across from the campus from marring our event. Regrettably, we allowed the same sort of behavior from Ron Paul demonstrators inside the arena and no action was taken to remove them at the first offense.

I plan to bring a motion to censure the Ron Paul supporters before the next Greenville County Executive Committee meeting and I hope it is copied in other counties as well.

Dean Allen
(843) 597-7459

Well, there you have it. The almighty Dean Allen has recommended banishment for those who disagree with his statist, old guard, establishmentarian, Lindsey Graham version of the SCGOP. It seems, however, that Mr. Allen wants to eat his cake and have it, too.

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Allen, he is the man who raised a lot of money with a machine gun social fundraiser in his 2010 run for SC Adjutant General and then suddenly quit the race. Mr. Allen is also the man who, as a GOP activist, loudly and repeatedly denounced Lindsey Graham. He at first seemed to support Bob Conley's run to replace Graham and then very publicly announced that he would instead vote for Lindsey Graham over the much more conservative Conley due to the fact that Graham was a member of the GOP while Conley was running as a conservative Democrat. In the end, Allen didn't have the guts to buck the liberal GOP establishment. He turned out to have more of a "meow" than a "roar" in that case.

So if "politics over principle" is your thang, if being squishy over having a spine makes you tingly all over, if rubbing muzzles with Lindsey Graham instead of standing up against a turncoat in the party has some appeal, and if quitting instead of putting up a good fight until the end is your modus operandi, you may need to join up with Dean Allen and get absolutely NOTHING done but propagate the same old tired nonsense that has mired the GOP down as a corrupt facilitator of the financially unsustainable corporate welfare state and political favor factory.

Yes, as you can probably guess, Dean Allen is my all time favorite "pretend" tea partier. He makes a big theatrical uproar over issues many are upset about but, though perhaps he actually has done some good in the distant past, he has apparently gone toothless in recent years, obviously preferring, in the end, to just love on and get along with the corrupt establishment instead. I think the ammunition is missing from his machine gun. Some "fighter" he has turned out to be.

Do I sound bitter? Yeah, maybe I am. I tried to forgive Allen's turncoat behavior in the past and supported him (admittedly, for what little it was worth) in 2010 for Adjutant General. I utterly regret that support now.

Dean Allen attended the debate last Saturday (Nov. 12, 2011) in Spartanburg and, as indicated in his letter above, was very, very upset--to the point of whining to the SCGOP Chairman--about the booing by many members of the audience (that he seems to think were exclusively Ron Paul supporters). It seems they were, as I was, shocked by a statement Romney made supporting the assassination/murder of American citizens (unconstitutional) solely at the discretion of the executive branch (unconstitutional) in a country with which we are not at war (also unconstitutional).

Mr. Allen's histrionics seem quite unjustified to me since the booing was, in reality, very, very mild. I was there, too, and I was actually surprised and disappointed that there was not a louder reaction to Romney's defiance of the U.S. Constitution in the case of assassinated US citizens. Why even bother having a Constitution if our government refuses to obey the rule of law? Romney routinely complains that Obamacare is unconstitutional but apparently, like many others on the stage, throws out the legal restrictions when it comes to satisfying his bloodthirsty constituents.

But, hey! Please, don't believe me about the volume of the booing. Please watch the Youtube.com video embedded above and listen for yourself. By gosh, let's get a realistic perspective on what happened!

The real reason for Allen's discomfort maybe that the Ron Paul supporters there did some cheering before the debate started, as well as later during the commercial breaks, and applauded Paul loudly on the rare occasions where he got to speak (a grand total of only 89 seconds despite his prominence in the polls well above all but two or three of pack--all the rest were given more time on a topic Paul is well known to be very knowledgeable about). Though several candidates' camps attempted to compete in a like manner in rounds of cheering and applause, their attempts were pathetically light compared to the Paul supporters. If nothing else, the booing of Romney demonstrated for everyone who might have some doubts that there are some of us, Ron Paul supporters or not, who have a heart and a mind and understand the rule of law and the flagrant violation of the law by President Obama. We made no rationalizations for illegal behavior. Fortunately for us, there is one candidate, Ron Paul, who will actually obey the supreme law of the land in ALL matters.

Dean Allen, in the email to SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly, picks out Brian Frank, a political grenade thrower who has been on the scene in South Carolina for several years now. Allen paints Brian Frank as being typical of Ron Paul supporters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Brian Frank does what Brian Frank wants to do. No one has ever been able to "control" him though many have tried. Brian Frank truly does not act like the typical Ron Paul supporter. Brian Frank has, on internet forums, actually criticized Ron Paul for not being enough like Ron Paul in his judgement. Yeah. You read that right.

In addition to his prolific commentary on the internet, Brian Frank has achieved quite a bit of fame/infamy for his videos of various politicians being embarrassed by the facts or by unfriendly crowds. Some of his videos have, in addition to being widely circulated on YouTube.com, made local and national news. One in particular of Lindsey Graham's being protested was all over television for a day or two.

Whether you like Brian Frank and his tactics or not, he does make things happen and puts pressure on wimpy politicians with his tactics. He can be disruptive and sometimes the political "grenades" he tosses out there blow up on allies as well but I'd rather have someone who cares and attempts to do the right thing, even if unpleasant at times, and continually stands up for what he believes. I'd rather deal with the problems Brian Frank sometimes causes than to have a spineless blowhard huff and puff and then run off wheezing from all the excitement and exertion as Allen routinely does. While Brian Frank may sometimes be an inelegant solution to a difficult problem, Dean Allen is pretty much a non-solution to every problem.

Remember Dean Allen's words: "You simply do not boo Republican speakers at Republican events." His draconian "final solution" to the presence of Ron Paul supporters at future debates is especially disturbing in the precedent it would set. In fact, I'm amazed that Allen's sensibilities were not so upset as to cause a stroke when he viewed the much louder and sustained booing of Ron Paul on September 12, 2011 that took place at the CNN/Tea Party debate in Tampa, Florida when Ron Paul defied the establishment's assertions regarding the reasons behind the 9/11 attacks.

(The first thing my father said when I asked him his thoughts regarding the attacks was, "If you stir up a nest of rattlesnakes, you're going to get bit." He was right--it's only common sense. We can't afford to be the policemen of the world and the CIA coined term of "blowback" was invented to describe just the sort of events that occurred on 9/11. I mean, for God's sake, we don't need to go around asking for trouble by our bad behavior. Our interference in the affairs of what should be sovereign countries is as flagrant as it is illegal under our own laws and would be a justifiable cause for war against any country who tried to do the same to us.)

Dean Allen has a real problem with his call for banishment of Ron Paul and his supporters: by Mr. Allen's idiotic and fascist logic, presumably all of the candidates and their supporters, EXCEPT for Ron Paul and his, should have been thereafter banned from the debates after what happened in Tampa two months ago. Somehow, I doubt Dean would like that idea. I don't either. I want there to be a vigorous debate. I want citizen involvement. I want people to react--anything that doesn't disrupt a debate or other proceeding much more than the booing, pro-establishment crowd did in Tampa should be welcomed in a free country. Such behavior is much milder and more civilized than many of the debates that occur on a routine basis in England's parliament or even in our own U.S. Congress.

Dean Allen obviously has an arrogant and elitist view of the party and the younger folks coming in who don't quite agree with him and others in the GOP. He would rather self-anointed elites run the show no matter how much he disagrees with some of his fellows on certain subjects every once in a while.

If Dean Allen is idiotic enough to actually follow through with his stated intention and attempt to pass a resolution in the Greenville GOP censuring Ron Paul supporters for what he considers bad behavior, to be fair, he will also need to pass a resolution censuring other candidates' supporters for their booing in Tampa. If he attempts to justify a one-sided resolution based on the fact that he thinks it was in-state supporters in South Carolina vs. out-of-state supporters doing the booing in Spartanburg, again, to be fair, he'll have to identify the people who booed to verify this assertion as well as making sure none of our state GOP members were among those booing Ron Paul in Tampa.

I offer these suggestions in jest of course. As a practical matter, Allen apparently can't identify many Ron Paul supporters who were booing besides Brian Frank. He therefore can't meet a fair and equitable standard of proof for his assertion in singling out Paul supporters. Additionally, he doesn't care when Ron Paul is booed for speaking up for his much more moral, consistent, and legally justifiable views on foreign policy and therefore won't apply the same solution for those candidates and their supporters who agree with him about Ron Paul.

In the end, however, I think we'll find that this is just another case of Dean Allen being a whining blow hard. He'll huff and puff for a while and then go away with his tail between his legs--another case of a sheep in wolf's clothing and a true bellwether for the old guard GOP in South Carolina.


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"I'm taking my bat and my ball and I'm going home. Nanny nanny poo poo."

Dean Allen

has made his opinion known, and is going to try to do something about it.

I suggest that there are a lot more RP supporters in SC than one single person by the name of Dean Allen, and there should be a solid effort made there to remove Dean Allen from any positions of authority or power in the SC GOP and also the RLC.

Note how he complains about RP and OWS in the same breath?

Others see the natural alliance between the groups, just RP supporters that are too blind to notice. What a shame, another election that could have been won. Last time, it was lost thanks to media bias, this time it will be due to Ron Paul supporter cliques not welcoming new supporters.
"So, you hate the Fed? Too bad, we have moved on now - go vote for Obama you pinko leftist commie progressive, you are too far beneath me to even speak to."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Cry baby bitch

The situation has developed further



And another blog site has picked up one of the stories: http://www.fitsnews.com/2011/11/16/scgop-activist-drops-n-bomb/

I've posted two more stories regarding Dean Allen. I would love to see this story go national (as just about every story does regarding the GOP in South Carolina when racial slurs are involved).

Allen is also directly involved in the Michele Bachmann campaign. I am waiting to hear if they will denounce him and eject him from any position with her campaign.

Allen is a huge, self-serving phony posing as a tea party man. He seems to be one of many "grifters" here in the state who have used the tea party movement for financial gain instead of adhering to the principles and standing up for what is right. He's got a book he's trying to get published as well. I wonder who will publish it now.

A "Tea Party" man? Then he will vote for Ron Paul.

Right? That is the logic, we have to court the Tea Party, because they will vote for Ron Paul but OWS will not.
I miss the discussions about gardening, about alternative health care (self health care) and about how we can reach new people. It seems independent thinking is no longer tolerated, we are only here to stroke the egos of sufficiently submissive "Ron Paul supporters." Nothing short of blind faith is acceptable, YOU MUST NOT QUESTION THE DIVINE on any topic, or you shall be called troll, communist, and any other ridiculous thing the new breed of spineless supporter can come up with.
The people have been lied to. Deliberately, for generations. By their schools, churches, parents and government officials. They are a mess, and hard to talk to or live with. Love them anyway. They need healed, not hated. That includes the boors on this site, I hope you find healing for your hate-filled hearts, and soon.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Let me get this straight this

Let me get this straight this guy was so offended by certain Paul supporters but he felt all warm inside like hot soup after coming in from the cold when the audience cheered torture with sadistic passion?

Deal Allen = Incoherent

"We all have strongly held beliefs. Most of us are supporting one of the candidates and have strong disagreements with a few of the others."

Like what?

If you support a candidate other than Ron Paul, exactly what strong disagreement could you possibly have with another non-Ron Paul candidate? Aren't they all clones of each other?

Let's see. Well, I'm a Romney supporter and I strongly disagree with Huntsman's tie selection.

Yeah, well I'm a Bachman supporter and I think McCain's 9/9/9 plan is really 666 turned upside down.

Yeah, well I support Santorum and I strongly disagree with Newt because he's fat.

Rude and boorish?

I wonder how rude and boorish it would be to call the phone number he provided and boo him and call him a fascist in person.

(843) 597-7459

Turn that rabble loose on Obama

Tell Dean Allen instead of banning Dr Paul he should nominate Dr Paul and turn the Ron Paul rowdy young rabble loose on the Obama-nation DNC. These kids are chomping at the bit over the opportunity to have a throw-down with the statist left. They want this fight. They have been studying, preparing, and training for it for the past 4-6 years. Ideological warriors itching to take down establishment left and the only thing standing in the way is the establishment right. How do you expect them to act considering they're patiently waiting for people like you Mr Allen, to give them the go ahead?

Just you remember, Mr. Allen, when summer 2012 rolls around, the candidate has been chosen, and SEIU thugs are crashing GOP campaign events pushing church ladies to the ground and thumpin' on folks - y'all are gonna want Ron Paul's motley bunch around then. When so called hard-line conservatives were content with observing from outside the perimeter of OWS encampments, to timid to enter - it was the Ron Paul rabble who, without hesitation, walked right into the middle of the lions den delivering free market sermons in the belly of the beast without fear. Are you sure these are the Republicans that you want to sideline if your goal Mr Allen, is to beat Obama and the DNC next fall? Really?

Bumping this in case

there are some South Carolinians who haven't seen it yet.

John F

after checking out that linked in

after checking out that linked in profile; Allen's behavior figures like a mofo.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

Tell him to go piss up a rope..Hes an idiot!

Idiots to my left, idiots to my right..stuck in the middle with an idiot name Dean the Dino Sower..Ha!

LinkedIn, RLC and constructive retaliation

Constructive retaliation.

According to Dean Allen’s LinkedIn profile, he is a member of, or has expressed affiliation with, the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC). Congressman Ron Paul is on the RLC Board of Advisors.

Let’s petition RLC to have Dean Allen removed from the RLC. Also contact the RLC Linked-In Group managers to have Dean Allen removed from this LI Group.

We could also ask the RLC to weigh-in with the SCGOP in support of Ron Paul’s campaign.

RLC Mission Statement: “At the Republican Liberty Caucus we believe that less government means more liberty. We advocate the principles of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise. We work in the Republican Party because we believe it is the best vehicle for bringing about the political changes we want.”

Dean Allen’s LI profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/deanallen

RLC: http://www.rlc.org/

RLC LI Group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=39111

Paul ante portas.

Know what?

I dare them to try! Make your meager attempts, SCGOP, and feel the tremendous pressing force of the sleeping giant.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.


I support the Ron Paul patriots who were at that event.

And I hope the SCGOP tries to ban us. I welcome the press.

As a South Carolina resident,

As a South Carolina resident, I certainly HOPE this does not snowball and we lose his name from the primary ballot!

As a south Carolina resident

As a South Carolina resident you would allow eliminating a top tier candidate from the ballot because you didn't approve of one or few of his supporters???? Does this make sense to you????? Please consider the possibility that Ron Paul supporters are also infiltrated with provocateurs from another campaign and/or party designed for the sole purpose to have Ron Paul "eliminated as a candidate" because he is a liable threat to the establishment agenda.

I can't believe what I'm reading.

This Dean Allen guy is a spectacular example of a good ol' boy network. Thank you for bringing us this email. This should be seen by all.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Well said. If this Dean

Well said.

If this Dean schmuck goes through with his absurd, shameful, and dishonest threat, he better be prepared to become the center of a nationwide campaign by us to oust him and end his career. As the OP's father once said, "if you wake up a nest of rattlesnakes, you're gonna get bit." Just ask Bill O'Reilly...

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Oh my..

So very well put sir.