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Ron Paul’s crowd sourced campaign and how it makes the mainstream media irrelevant

"Ron Paul has effectively crowd sourced his campaign and his get out the vote in Iowa and New Hampshire may set a new standard for political volunteer efficiency. In the video the women make a valid but not often overlooked point in campaign politics, "volunteer smart."


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the result tonight is a big

the result tonight is a big thanks to the call from home program!

I received four GOTV calls Monday

and three Tuesday from callers for Ron Paul. If that was anywhere near typical, Wow!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

very true, our rights do not

very true, our rights do not come to us because we come from a group and that even means states! Ron Paul does not want to run your life!

I think Ron Paul's campaign

I think Ron Paul's campaign will be a blue print for future campaigns. MSM's influence is fading. This will become more and more obvious in the next few years.

that is beautiful! Thank you

that is beautiful! Thank you for the support!

Is this meaningful to anybody?

"Ron Paul has effectively crowd sourced his campaign"?

I have no idea what that means.

Please enlighten me.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

The article breaks it down

The article breaks it down more, but it basically means that the campaign has made the tools available (phone banking system) to increase the reach of his campaign through the energy and intellect of the group of supporters in a concentrated and effective way (namely the get out the vote effort in Iowa and New Hampshire.)

Great article.

Thanks for posting.



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great pitch

"because Ron Paul's grassroots network is so extensive the campaign only has ten paid staffers on the ground in Iowa. Ten may seem like a lot of paid staff but considering the ground game he is currently running, it is a clinic in effective use of political cash.

Now that is a fund-raising endorsement right there.

This is so terrific, and

This is so terrific, and gives me hope. Ron can count on us..:)

rand paul proved

that you can make mainstream media irrelevant by crushing his opponents with the strong support of LOCAL kentucky voters, once they felt they knew him at a more intimate level.

This is at a turning point

The media has no other choice but to talk about Ron Paul being top tier..... with a little help from our friends...
politics is about getting out the vote and that's what Ron Paul's supporters are all about !!!