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Ron Paul: Federal Reserve is Like Drug Addiction

By Mallie Jane Kim
November 16, 2011

It's no secret that Rep. Ron Paul is no fan of the Federal Reserve, but today he likened the system to drug addiction—something that feels good at the time but will end in destruction.

"It's a deception," he said of the central banking system this morning at an event sponsored by the libertarian CATO Institute.

"It's sort of like a drug. You get some benefits if you keep using it—you know, run up debt, run up inflation, monetize the debt, make a bigger bubble," he explained. "Just like a drug addiction, the drug addict feels better when he keeps getting drugs."

But the high can't last forever, and like so many cases of drug addicts, "if you don't do something about it, you kill the patient," Paul said. "And right now the patient is very, very big, and that's the worldwide economy."


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I have seen no video. It's

I have seen no video. It's awesome you found this much. Thanks. It must have been a terrific speech..

Isn't there a video of the

Isn't there a video of the event? I can't find one anywhere. I'ts nice to hear what the media says about the event, but it is much better see the original.

Where' the video??

of this event.

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News FLASH to Media

Ron Paul has been making this analogy since the last campaign, now the Media is just picking up on it. PREPARE for A LOT more attention on Ron Paul from the Media as if something was "just discovered". When the Media says its prayers (to Mammon) each night, they plead for Ron Paul to trip up so they can pounce on him and tear his head off. The smear campaign we've experiences thus far will be nothing compared to the hissy fit the Media will throw when they must acknowledge that HE IS WINNING (in terms of momentum)

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Simple and easy to understand

this is how Schiff and Woods explain the Federal Reserve...

Very digestible to middle America. A job well done by the good doctor.

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