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NY Times: Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls

By Trip Gabriel | NY Times
November 18, 2011

VINTON, Iowa — Steve and Cindy Anders belong to one of Iowa’s most politically savvy movements — Christian home-schoolers, whose organizing on behalf of Mike Huckabee in 2008 was one of the secrets behind his upset victory in the state’s Republican caucuses.

Two Iowa polls this week showed Ron Paul in a statistical tie for first.
This year, the Anderses are behind Representative Ron Paul of Texas, who supports drastically shrinking the federal government and closing the Education Department.

In a year when the Republican field is unusually fractured, with front-runners coming around as often as carousel ponies, Mr. Paul’s ability to mobilize niche groups like home-schoolers may make a big difference. His campaign, which has won a number of straw polls and is picking up momentum, has demonstrated its ability to organize and mobilize supporters, which is particularly relevant in Iowa, where relatively small numbers can tip the scales in the caucuses.

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Notice how the article begins by talking about

Huckabee, who won in part because of the Christian homeschoolers (who should have known better, but whatever). Yet ultimately Huckabee lost.

So it's like they are reminding you right off the bat that a win in Iowa doesn't necessarily mean anything. And preparing you in advance for the fact that they aren't going to give him any credit for such a win, but will feel justified in continuing to ignore and belittle him.

This drives me crazy: “I don’t think I was his core type, the young college type,” said Mr. Walsh, 42, a volunteer firefighter and veteran of the Persian Gulf war.

For crying out loud... I am not a young college type and neither are most of you. Sorry to be grumpy but the subtle programming here is so annoying. And what's this supposed to mean:

In making his third run for the presidency, Mr. Paul, 76, has benefited from the splitting of the social conservative vote in Iowa among a number of candidates, and from the fact that this year jobs and the economy trump concerns over abortion and same-sex marriage.

I guess it's too much to ask for a reputable media outlet like NYT to clarify what Paul's positions are on abortion and same-sex marriage.

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He's the man.

Yeh, its good. Seems like a

Yeh, its good. Seems like a lot of people need more information from Ron himself..


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"The ads highlight Mr. Paul’s message of deep cuts to government spending and conveniently avoid his isolationist foreign policy, which risks turning off undecided voters. "

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