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Time to hand stuff out!

I think it's time we all seriously got out there and started handing stuff out to people on sidewalks, parking lots, door-to-door, Black Friday shopping lines (when they're waiting for the store to open), churches, anywhere and everywhere. There are still way too many people who just don't know who he is or have misunderstandings of his views.

If you want to get started, you can find a few things on my site... purely grassroots-created campaigning materials you can print and copy yourself. There's even a printable "Plan To Restore America" booklet that I made. All free.


Right now, I've got mostly stuff that I've made, with a few things that have been submitted to me. I'll be updating it as often as possible, hopefully every day, but I NEED SUBMISSIONS! If you do graphic design work, share it with everyone!

We won't win the "Revolution" if we don't all do something... whether it's design something, organize an event, or the really hard stuff... getting out there and putting information into people's hands.

My Facebook page will keep you updated on when new stuff is posted... http://www.facebook.com/rpactivist

I hope anyone who has anything to contribute does so... I'm not a graphic design expert, so submissions are REEEAAALY helpful.


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Rx For Liberty Cards...

I'll mail 15 cards out FREE to anyone that emails me their address. Check out the cards at www.RxForLiberty.com.

These cards work to really help people save money. Crickett, here on DP, used one of our older cards to save $50 at Walmart on an Rx she needed. And she donated $20.12 of that to Ron Paul.

Older people take drugs. They have pets that take drugs. You all have family members that have to take drugs and are paying full-price at the pharmacy. These cards are FREE!

And when you hand it to the pharmacy, a number of people see it before you get it back. Email me your name and address to care @ rxforliberty.com and I'll put cards in the mail stat.

If you or someone you know has to get an Rx filled now, print out a free Rx For Liberty Card online at www.RxForLiberty.com/print and take it right to just about any pharmacy - including all the major ones.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Yes; plant those seeds!

I've been making my own flyers and promoting Dr. Pauls's message to many, many people since 2007. Flyers, Dvd's--they all work! Throw the seeds, and don't look back. Many will take root whether you know it or not. Believe it!

Your website has some really great stuff on it. Thx!