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Great speech by someone who thinks a lot like Ron Paul

Libertarianism/Constitutionalism is not an individual philosophy. It is not meant to be reduced to a recommendation for individual action. It is an idea, a product of the enlightenment used to constrain the power of GOVERNMENT. Of those few in power over the many. This movement gave birth to the greatest, enriching, humanizing, liberating, productive society the world has hitherto seen. Now, it has been washed away, a 'dead document' to those few in power today. They've convinced the masses that freedom is dead, government is the only solution to life's problems and liberty is dangerous to our "security". We've been warned of this by many: Jefferson, Jackson, Ghandi, Orwell and Paul. Now is the time to, as Rage Against the Machine so aptly cried- TO TAKE THE POWER BACK.


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