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Audio: Neal Boortz is AMAZED at Ron Paul's 2002 prediction of the housing bubble

Here is the tube:


There is also a longer discussion of Ron Paul during the same show. Neal takes a call from a member of the US military in Germany who supports Ron Paul's foreign policy stance and there is also more discussion of Ron Paul's speech from 2002:


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student loans

today he went into a rather good explanation of student loans and how they drive up the cost of education. It sounds like he has been listening to the good doctor.

what scares me

is that if people like Boortz dont know that RP predicted the recession and housing bubble, what can we expect from the general populace. I think being so knowledgeable on economy itself should get him elected !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

We can expect that still very few people know.

But at least we now have another tool to make them aware. Spread this video.

Ron Paul is going on the show!!!!

No date set yet though. This is what Neal tweeted a few hours ago:

Got a call from the Ron Paul folks. He wants to be on the show. Told them "absolutely!". Will let y'all know when!


He also tweeted this Friday if you missed the other thread on it:

Read THIS! http://tinyurl.com/4ezbh9 Maybe Ron Paul SHOULD be president! Seriously .... read it.

cain and boortz both establishment puppets

this douche is vermin cain's head cheerleader. there are no good reasons that a constitutional conservative would support cain. what issues does he know well and have a possition on that is any better than that of the other neocons to make anyone support him?? i can only conclude that, like vermin cain, boortz is simply a puppet of the corporate bankocracy.


What is frustrating is

What is frustrating is listening to people like this and you can't respond to their asinine rants. When I go to see my Dad he is always listening to this douche bag along with that moron Limbaugh. I ask my Dad, "Why do you listen to these dumb F*$cks? My dad says well nothing else on. Then it takes me about 30 minutes to reprogram my dad back to being the Ron Paul delegate he was in 08. I show him exactly where they are wrong. My biggest frustration is I can't push my fist down this lying piece of trash's throat.. Oh well I am a Delegate for Ron Paul here in Colorado since I have become a precinct captain. Giving of my time and money is how I fight back.

Long time listener

I've been listening to Neal since 1982 when he was not syndicated (he was local to Atlantans only on WGST Radio). In the late 80's Ron Paul was on his show many times. Ron's message was the same then, as now. Neal thought the world of Ron at that time.

The Change:

In the 90's Neal was offered more to join WSB Radio. His show was then syndicated nationally. In the 2008 election Neal betrayed Ron and up until now has continued to call him a kook and a few other names. I quit listening to Neal then, as I feel he sold out to become more like the MSM.

NB is a Neocon.

But maybe he can meet us half way or something.

Or maybe I'm just fooling myself again.

Hey I Gottsta Tell Ya

*I* was amazed at Ron's prediction. It was more than prescient, it was accurate *in detail*. That alone is worth the nomination. Who can come close?!?!??

I was the caller

Im glad I could educate Neal


Nice truthbomb

you dropped on his head... well done. Welcome to Daily Paul.


Evidently Boortz is not as bright as Boortz thought Boortz was.


Has Neal now awakened?...

he's really close...but no cigar.

Is Boortz still on the air?

I live in the Atlanta area and I quit listening to him years ago due to his gung-ho support of American imperialism and warmongering. Just like O'Reilly, he's a bully. He claims to enjoy debating people who disagree with him, then when someone is naive enough to challenge him on the air, he yells over them and cuts them off. I don't care what he calls himself, he's no libertarian.

Newt worked with Freddie until Sept 2008 ($30k a month)

and over 6 years earlier Dr Paul was warning everyone what was coming

THIS NEEDS TO BE STATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Too many folks are buying into Newt's story,,, we need to get these facts out!

While Ron Paul was warning everyone of the Housing Bubble and impending collapse, Newt was consulting Freddie for $30,000 a month! Just what the hell was he 'consulting them' to do? He didn't loose that gig until the collapse triggered the Freddie and Fanny bailout.

....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***

"...see, even I can learn..."

yes, that is what he said, and is the crux of the irrational prejudice we deal with every day with promoting Ron Paul's message. For many, it is just to scary to embrace the truth,it must de denied, for it is a paradigm changer. Many cannot accept the truth,and in a flash, go through this dialogue in their heads:

"What? If I believe this then all I believed before was wrong and then I am wrong, and have been my whole life, and if so...who am I then?"

This is the greatest barrier in reaching middle aged and elderly conservatives as this questioning becomes an existential question,for they have invested a life time in their ideology and most do not have the personal courage and fortitude to question it...to look deeply within themselves.

It is this very same act of courage, that willingness to look within and make the leap, that ALL OF US Ron Paul supporters have had to do. We had the courage to question our comfortable world view, grieve over the loss, and awaken to the hard truth. I would not go back to dreamtime for all the world, and neither would any of you...and I LOVE you all for this courage!

So, to hear Boortz, make this statement should be an inspiring message of hope and should be used to invigorate us to continue spreading the message of truth. Even the those as deeply stuck and identified with their world view as Boortz, can, by their own admission... LEARN!!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

psnow's picture

God bless you Sir......

Job well done.
You blasted a hole in his wall of armor bigger than an Abrams tank. You used truth based on facts. I salute you.

Perhaps upon your return you might find employment with the campaign.
(or, his administration. ;-)


"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

I wish

I may go to Iowa and volunteer money is the issue, but thanks for what you said Im glad millions of people learned something.


How is it that people like

How is it that people like Boortz can think Paul is so smart on domestic matters but somehow Paul is just stupid on foreign policy? It doesn't occur to Boortz that the likes of Bush and Obama are stupid on domestic policy but somehow brilliant on foreign policy. Really? That there's a logical disconnect with that.

And regarding, who should be the world's military superpower, that's completely wrongheaded. There is no country (except the US) today that is seeking to conquer the world. Boortz is still fighting the cold war but against ghosts and boogeymen. The Tea Party needs to wake up that the US under Bush and Obama has become a hegemonic empire creating global instability. And that as long as our nuclear arsenal can blow the world up about 20x over, I don't think we should be too afraid... The US has become a paranoid dictatorship like the USSR was. A very dangerous combination.


And he's going to stay amazed lol

You have got to be trying to

You have got to be trying to make me go crazy. A person like Boortz claiming to be a libertarian who is so pro war that he dismisses Ron Paul only due to foreign policy. There's a name for that class of people. They are called Neo Cons. I can not believe there's a "libertarian" radio host in the world who hasn't heard of the housing speech that Paul gave in 02. The "high priest of the painful truth" is the most woefully ignorant public "libertarian" on the air waves.


Woefully ignorant wouldn't be too bad. This guy is willfully ignorant.

I sit corrected. It must

I sit corrected. It must take special dedication to willfully ignore Ron Paul for Boortz to have not heard of that speech before the caller informed him.

The dominant military force in the world?

USA and its allies account for 75% of all military force in the world.

What is the point of being able to destroy the entire world several times over?

My guess is that it would be just enough to be some 10% stronger than the closest competitor nation. Currently, the USA are 3 times stronger than all competitor nations combined.

What's the point in wasting your resources on that silly thing called 'militarism'? Quite a few great empires collapsed due to this addiction.



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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

When Boortz rightly calls out

When Boortz rightly calls out his "friend" Herman Cain I would take him seriously. It's pathetic that Boortz speaks approvingly of Newt and Cain when both of them objectively suck. It shows me that he doesn't care about the U.S., but his planes and homes.

send him a thanks

Want to send Neil a thanks for discussing Paul. Anybody have an email?

The Red Coats are coming!

email: Email Neil Bortz I

email: Email Neil Bortz

I send him a positive email

And he's a "libertarian" lol.

And he's a "libertarian" lol. If he's a "libertarian, then I must be a Neoconservative.

Boortz isn't coming around..

he's just like all the rest...his audience is shrinking and losing interest...he has to give atleast tacit support...