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Ron Paul Supporter Calls Dennis Prager RE: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

A Ron Paul supporter called Dennis Prager to ask what his disagreement was regarding Paul's foreign policy. Listen here:


Can I make a suggestion? Be better prepared when you call and argue with people.

Dennis basically walked all over this poor guy and may have come across like he had a decent argument against Paul's. But wait... he DOES NOT!!!!!!!

So its time to be prepared when you confront idiots like Prager.

Caller asked about what Prager disagreed with. Prager said Paul is foolish and immoral when he says how would "we feel if China did this to us." And he went on to say that it depends on whether or not we had been taken over by s dictator, because then we would want China to come and rescue us.

Problem with his logic is two-fold.

1.) Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Kosovo, Australia, South Korea do not have dictators, so there is ZERO reason to be there, except to subsidize their economy and military with US tax payer money.

2.) Afghanistan NEVER asked the US to come there to rescue them from a dictator. In fact, they dont want us there. Neither did Iraq and we all know why we went there. Neither did Parkistan, and we give their Government money and bomb the people.

2a) The US does NOT go into countries where there is genocide, nor does Prager call for that, like Rwanda, Somalia, Tibet, Brazil, Iraq (when they WERE being killed), Ethiopia, Congo, . No, Prager pretends that the US is on a humanitarian mission, when we all know they are not.

2b.) Suicide terrorism has gone UP since the US invaded and bombed the middle east AND its 95% reason why the suicide terrorists commit the same. The people have stated so and given the reason for 9/11 as the MAIN reason why they attacked us. What part of this doesn't Prager understand??

2c.) There is NOTHING in the Constitution that allow the President to go in wherever he wants and bomb and kill people.

2d.) Dennis forgets that the US prop up, support and/or install most of these dictators that we later go and try to kill for our own self-interest.

Seriously, its so dumb and easy to make counterarguments, but you need to spend a little time preparing... We certainly KNOW that Dennis has ZERO interest in what is happening in Palenstine.

That's my two cents..

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One thing the poster forgot

One thing the poster forgot to mention with his two cents is that there is already a president that is dictatorial, who has not care for the US constitution and ignores court orders.

Also he has SWAT teams breaking down doors of homes where they think there are drugs and shooting and killing people.

So - should China step in and stop that because 70% or more of the people are against it?

If it gets worse, does anyone want that?

I tried to keep it simple...

I tried to keep it simple... ;) and I was really trying to deal with overseas military actions.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

yes perfectly desmonstrating why hotheads with ill considered

actions like trying to present paul without a vast knowledge base, making a ruckus in debates and attacking veterans just for wearing an army shirt, so on and so forth, continues to plague this movement.

Prager is a VERY intelligent guy, but...

If you read Prager's writings, you learn that Prager is a radical Zionist. Prager points out that Zionist Jews are perfectly comfortable with fellow Jews who are either athiests or communists. However, Prager and his fellow Zionists are just as perfectly comfortable excluding Jews who adopt either Christianity or Islam. If you don't believe me, Google Prager's writings on the subject.

i haven't really seen an 'intelligent' neo-con

is he as 'intelligent' as charles krauthammer? if so, your standard isn't very high.

I just never understood the

I just never understood the whole PRO Israel thing. What is the basis for this dying support?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

If a Hitler or a Saddam Husein took over this country ..

... then according to Prager, he would be happy if some foreign country invades us, and he would beg them to stay.

Aside from the fact that he wouldn't, it is likely he will never address how that would happen. How would a Hitler take over this country?

They (I shall call them "the SOBs") would herd us by limiting us to false choices, "progressive" vs. neo-con. Some of the SOBs would be "progressives" and push for various forms of outright insanity. Other SOBs would take over all forms of opposition to the outright insanity of the "progressives", and then cripple that opposition from within. These SOBs call themselves "conservative" but are opposite to true conservatives - We who understand them, call them "neo-cons".

How do they work? They oppose Liberty by offering LibertyLite, IOW mindless flagwaving. And they call true Liberty "foolish and immoral". This is how a Hitler would arise to take over America. Not by external attack, but by internal corruption. I give you - Dennis Prager.

Prager adds his name ot the List Of ...


While lecturing us about the importance of learning how to think, he never gives ANY basis for his claim that "Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you" is "foolish and immoral". No basis at all!

Prager states that it depends on the circumstance, that if a country invaded us to free us of a tyranny, we would thank them and beg them to stay. If they "freed" us, why would we then want us to occupy us? If we invaded another country to "free" them, would they then want us to stay and occupy them? Is being occupied by a foreign military Prager's idea of freedom?

Prager must not be aware that Freedom cannot be imposed.

To paraphrase Prager, it is OK to occupy some other nation, if you think you are morally superior. This is the same position used by dictators throughout history. No dictator EVER vowed to not initiate violence. In fact, the Chinese feel quite like Prager in that they believe that they are morally superior and that this justifies them doing whatever they want. It therefore boils down to a contest of military might. Is Prager morally superior for using the same "logic" that the Chinese Communists use, with the result being another senseless and likely huge war?

The only way to tell who is moral or not is in who INITIATES violence. When WE initiate violence, we have crossed the line of morality have become the problem. Ron Paul believes we should have a strong defense but NEVER INITIATE violence, while the self-appointedly morally superior Dennis Prager says it is OK to impose your will on others.

As mentioned above, none of the conditions cited by Prager held true, and none of the justifications given by Prager ever came true. The U S govt, under the control of the CFR, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, attacks and occupies countries without dictatorships, and then installs puppet dictators. This is evidently Prager's idea of morality.

I like these kinds of threads.

It displays how intellectually and morally bankrupt the neocons are.
They have no real arguments. They have rationalizations which serve their desired purposes. They argue from an emotional position which is easily shot down if you know your facts.

This is exactly the same as the left "arguments", which is no surprise, considering that the neocons ARE the left, who infiltrated the GOP and took it over.

The OP is correct in pointing out that you MUST know what you are talking about, AND you must hold their feet to the fire and keep them from using diversions. ALWAYS re-direct the conversation back to the main point.
This is what always works when debating against the left, and it WILL work when debating against neocons, who are nothing more than leftists in disguise.

I know, but they always try

I know, but they always try to divert the conversation. For example, if you say you believe in freedom, they ask what you mean. I say, I believe in you leave me alone and I will leave you alone. Then they agree with that premise.

BUT.. then the conversation can turn to healthcare which they say is a human right. When I say that you cant force one person to pay for another person, they say "oh you want people to die." Like if that is the only conclusions.

I usually just say, do YOU want people to die? They of course say no, and I say, what are you worried about then. You will help them.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

It should be noted that

It should be noted that Prager attended LOTS of college. No surprise there, given his argument.

So he is saying that we're in

So he is saying that we're in other countries freeing them from tyranny, then why do we always replace a dictator with another dictator. This guy is off his rocker if he thinks our foreign policy is moral, you can't make people moral by dropping bombs on them, you just make more terrorist. The military industrial complex is a whole more powerful than I thought.

I have never heard a dumber arrangement of words

"If I had just committed a bank robbery I would be happy that a police car was chasing me." @ about 3:26

It just boggles the mind. Is this a republican radio host, a gang banger wannabe or a hardened institutionalized thug? He sounds like a prize fighter with steroidal abuse issues who's just shot PCP into their testicles while smoking crack with the mayor of DC. Reverse this logic, are there little boys that want to go to Penn State and hang out with the coaches in the showers? I don't think so! I have to call this show and point out to this guy what a moron he sounds like, does he do this live?

I'm not sure the caller

I'm not sure the caller needed to say anything...Prager didn't have an argument either. It was actually scary listening to his logic. Prager did NOT answer the caller's question at all. He brought up artificial scenarios where foreign occupation in USA would have been a good thing historically if .....????? ie If Hitler was president of US and American people needed rescuing from foreign soldiers????? I doubt any American would sit still for a Chinese military compound to be installed on American soil for our betterment. I also doubt that Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Iran are welcoming US military assault for their betterment. Prager also states that the Ron Paul youth followers are the result of propaganda taught at the Universities not realizing that it is the Ron Paul followers who are NOT FOLLOWING the status quo indoctrination. Thank God for the upcoming youth who can and do think for themselves and at least listen to Ron Paul enough to ask questions.

A great post illustrating the

A great post illustrating the necessity for amateurs be better informed before wrangling with professional talking heads.

bump for education..

bump for education..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...