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How can we be much more organized for the precinct elections in Caucus states

I spent half the day trying to understand the Republican primaries.

After seeing how crucial precinct elections are, I realized that being able to get delegates in thousands of precincts is no small task.

I am opening my first post in the forum with a question:

How can we be much more organized for the precinct elections in Caucus states?

Here are some brainstorming questions that arise:

1-Where can we get a FULL list of precincts in Caucus states

2-How can we find potential RP supporters who can step up and become delegates for each precinct

3-How can we set up a "Social Network" / Forum that makes it easy to track the different delegates in all the precincts, then the counties.

Any ideas?

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I have made such a forum

it's hard to get people to sign up though so far we've got like 51 members see link my signature

Good idea

No ideas myself, other than to say it would be great to have such a database/site.

Started some research

I started some research, here's what I came up with:

1-Start at the state GOP website to find the counties in that state

example: http://www.nevadagop.org/counties/

2-Try to find all the GOP sites of each county and find URL of all their members so that we can email them to get precinct delegates (http://ronpauldelegates.wordpress.com explains it all).




as examples.

From what I understand, the goal is to get as many precinct delegates as possible as these tend to be easy to get if you can get enough people to back you up and/or come prepared enough.

Having as many Paul precinct delegates can help up get many county delegates.

Now the challenge is how to coordinate and leverage all this effort