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Presidential Poll up on Newsmax - Vote Now!

Vote for Ron Paul on the Homepage at Newsmax or follow this link:


As of yet...they still haven't sent me results.

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tried to vote

but my avast antivirus/track blocker wont let me. Which means the site is sending/tracking something on your comp. I tried several times and it gets hung up and my avast just spins and spins, which it never does on safe sites.

So I finally closed it all out and am taking fair warning.

I am having no other issues this morning anywhere else so I know it is that site and it only happens when I try to submit the vote.

These newsmax polls have

These newsmax polls have questionable validity, but I voted again.

New Newsmax Poll for President


They want your email address! Screw this poll!

Just saw the current prediction

Newt Gingrich at 90% with 2,224 votes and Ron Paul at 1% with 42 votes. Please Vote Ron Paul if you can!