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NYT Article and Strategy

Ron made the NYT today with an article about his Iowa operations. You can read it here. There are some very important takeaways:

What I would like to point out though is this:

Mike Dulaney, a retiree, liked Mr. Paul’s book “End the Fed” but questioned his stance on Iran. Mr. Paul had said that Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon, as documented in a recent international report, was overblown.

“I disagree,” Mr. Dulaney said. “I think Ahmadinejad is a very dangerous person who’s going to try to prove something,” he said, referring to Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He favored Mr. Romney, he said.

Lucy Reese, an independent, said she disagreed with many of Mr. Paul’s positions, including his opposition to abortion rights. But she agreed with his focus on the currency system and on auditing the Federal Reserve.

“I am reluctant to commit to anybody, but if I had to pick, I’d pick Ron Paul,” she said.

Any of you who have followed my rantings on here know that I have said many times over that you need to tailor your delivery to potential voters. Avoid the hot button issues unless you have a really good idea they are leaning Ron's way. I've focused most of my attention on the foreign policy element. This is RP's weakest area when it comes to republican primary voters (that may be different in a general election or open primary state.) Don't go there unless you are certain.

And the other thing I have said is that people will suck it up and vote for somebody who they may disagree with on some points but agree strongly on others. PEOPLE AGREE WITH RON ON ECONOMIC ISSUES. That is his strength. Less will agree on civil liberties and much less (again, primary voters) on fp. The point is - avoid rubbing people the wrong way by pushing something they disagree with. Now is not the time to "educate" voters. The past three years was that time. Now is the time to get them to vote for Ron Paul.

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