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Pat Buchanan: Pros and Cons as a Ron Paul VP Choice

What are the pros and cons of having Pat Buchanan as a Ron Paul VP Running Mate?

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Tool Baggage

PRO - He is one ... As in 'the oldest profession'.
CON - He is one ... As in - those are the tricks he turns.

See the links to better appreciate the dirty business going down under the lamp on his corner.


Pat could appeal

to the unions and "buy American" crowd, which has a strong contingent in the Democrat Party, and could bring votes over from that side.
We at DP might not all agree with Pat's POV on that issue, but there are A LOT of people who are out of jobs who DO agree with him on that.

He may drive some away with his polarizing views on immigration and social issues too.

But, the economy is the issue of this election, and with the political demographics the way they are, voters from the left must be swayed to vote Republican if any Republican candidate is going to get into the White House.


Pat and RP are in agreement on most things. The only major disagreement I can think of is the extent of free trade. Pat would be a good campaigner and is excellent in debates. Pat's personality is a bit more abrasive than RP's and rubs some people the wrong way. He might not help much with independents and progressives. It's interesting to speculate if RP would ask PB, or if he would accept - but the cart is getting ahead of the horse.

Pat is too nativist.

He doesn't like immigrants period. Not simply someone who wishes to reduce government spending on immigrants (like Ron) but someone who literally has an animus toward anyone who speaks Spanish.

He is not radically libertarian on any issue I can think of. Just a (semi) pro peace conservative.

I couldn't vote for the ticket if he were on it.

Nope... he showed very ...

... little interest in Paul's campaign in 2008 and not much more today... how about Justin Amash (Michigan), endorsed by Ron Paul in 2010, if the Judge is not available. Obviously, Napolitano is the first choice, but traditionally a House member or governor joins the ticket. Can't think of anyone else, other than Rand in the House. I like Gary Johnson.

Plano TX

My Choice: Tom Woods Jr

Benefits - Intellectual, Historian, Premier Public Speaker, Youthful, Understands Economics (Austrian), and many many more... http://tomwoods.com

Buchanan would make a find Secretary of State

Send Gary Johnson to public

Send Gary Johnson to public speaking school and put him in the race.

He relates to the young & entrepreneurs

Not a bad choice, but

you can't beat The Judge for the #2 spot. Brilliant, likable and excellent speaker.

Buchanan strikes me as a

Buchanan strikes me as a talker... not a doer.

the biggest Con

is to have anyone as a VP who could even remotely become "establishment" should anything happen to the Doc. Both Buchanan and Huntsman could create an LBJ scenario... we need a VP candidate who is impeccable like Tom Woods who agrees with Dr. Paul to the "T" and who is as impervious to the wiles of the system...

The Judge has to be the one

Ever since Ron let it slip that he likes the Judge as a potential VP, I've loved the idea. The Judge has a wonderful ability to debate others with totally contrasting opinions and yet he shakes there hands and is still friends with them afterwards. He regularly has people from the other side of the political spectrum on his show. I think he'd be a wonderful pick imho.

From what I've seen of Pat I like quite a bit of it. But he has some flaws and big contradictions in his philosophy that wouldn't work in a Paul administration.

Pro: shore up neo-con

Pro: shore up neo-con support
Con: HOLY BAGGAGE - turn off indies and libs that actually would consider voting for RP otherwise.

Cons outweigh pros by a longshot in my opinion.


we are going to need that support after the primaries..

Pat Buchanan

I agree as much with Pat as I do with Ron

Pat did as much waking up for me as Ron did. I've read several of his books and watched his tv show appearences and read his columns regularly

So, that would be my dream ticket but.. pat has alotta negativity around his name, so overall:

CON. And it also pisses me off that Pat doesnt openly endorse ron which I think would be a good thing for ron. (maybe it wouldnt be)

Semper Fortis