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Be polite to neo-cons & Paul haters!


A Veteran who went to the Iowa straw poll received some nasty comments from Ron Paul supporters. If you want Ron to win, cut this out PLEASE! I realize most Ron Paul supporters are really nice people and don't do this, and while I haven't met them in person, I've had many nice conversations with them online. But, if you aren't following Ron's example, you aren't helping him out by antagonizing potential converts.

It's best not to get in an argument or to turn away from an argument if the person you are talking to is clearly not interested in being educated on the truth. Focus your attentions on those that are open minded and through peer-pressure the stubborn will finally wake up if we get the numbers.


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Proof we are winning

Michael Savage agrees with Ron Paul over assassination of an American citizen.

Rush Limbaugh agrees with Ron Paul's plan to cut $1 Trillion (claims it's his own, but still it's a win)

Sean Hannity now often says he agrees with Ron Paul on 90+% of what he says. And he likes Ron Paul's $1 Trillion cut plan.

Neal Boortz is amazed at Ron Paul's accurate prediction about the Housing market collapse.

Now just look at all those Neo-Con's agreeing with Ron Paul.. It all adds up! If that doesn't prove we are winning.. I don't know what does.

How about occupiers?

Should we be polite to them? What about Ron Paul supporters who say something on the DP that you don't agree with, should we be polite to them?
I agree, being rude to people will not win supporters.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I noticed today all the hate

I noticed in some recent ron paul articles quite a bit of hatred towards paulites coming from neo-cons and it made me angry at first, I went to my sisters and did some manual labor while listening to "The 5,000 year leap" (which I highly recommend)... and it came back to me.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

we are winning

also, it made me proud to

also, it made me proud to support Ron Paul. He has been the face of courage and discipline. He gets laughed at, ridiculed, booed at and chastised for his unrelenting adherence to moral virtues. It made me proud because as Ron Paul supporters we receive our share of laughs and criticisms well. We should be proud of our courage as by supporting Ron Paul we support not just a courageous man but a set of ideals that are not customary.

Keep it up.

Put the LOVE

In the LOVE r3volution.

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AMEN to this post!

It's tough to do but it makes the idiot b*st*rds THINK! They don't have the satisfaction of getting YOU all riled up and gloating to their neo-con buddies!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

Dr. Paul should not have to apologize for his supporters.

I completely agree with this post. After watching the video I was very embarrassed for the good Dr. Another good video is him speaking with a Democrat who says he has watched the 2012 campaign and has learned a lot from the good Dr. He has made him rethink about his political stances. This is what we want. Please treat others like you would want to be treated. This is what Dr. Paul would want and the best way to spread his message.

Throwing snowballs at Hannity

I agree we should be well mannered when we're given a seat at the table. We had to be rude in the 08 run because our own party outlawed our voice in Ron Paul. It was a unjust thing they did to us in 08, and we prove to the world it was an unjust thing to do, by being civilized and polite in 2012.

I, like Dr Paul, believe that there is always common ground with others to be found, even in issues of passionate disagreement.

For example, Paul and Hannity may never agree on foreign policy and use of military force. But both would agree we have a responsibility to those wounded meeting our call to duty. Find a way to work together on the issue and it's a way of at least establishing a basis for, or reinforcing of, a "peaceful disagreement" instead of a warring opposition.

NH Meet-up should contact Hannity and ask him if he will, the weekend Fox hosts the NH primary debate, sit in a dunk-tank for an hour or so to raise money for Wounded Warriors. At a controlled and secure indoor location of his choosing. The event will be called Throwing Snowballs at Sean Hannity for Wounded Warriors.

We can peacefully work through our disagreements, and be well mannered and polite. But if you treat us like outlaws don't be so uppity when we play the role you cast us in.

I absolutely LOVE

The dunk tank idea - Something like that could really help us make serious inroads with his audience.

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Transforms ugly 08 incident into something good

He's been whining about it for 4 years. Not only does it transform a ugly incident into something good, but it could also serve to pre-empt any debate exclusions which could possibly be in the works.

We have it within us to provide our critics such as Hannity a little bit of proof that Ron Paul does inspire people to find common ground in their differences in order to achieve a freer more peaceful world someday.

For those who are newcomers, or for the 08 veterans who don't recall the ugly incident in question. This is the incident

Not to excuse their behavior, but in their defense - the incident occurred as a result of RP's last minute exclusion from the Fox News 2008 NH Primary Election Debate just a few nights before NH residents cast their ballots.

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It Aint Easy

Holding back in humility, but you're right

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Not humility...


Confident the message of liberty is sound. Confident that we have already won by sowing the seeds of our eventual victory ideologically. Confident those folks will come around to their senses someday. Nagging them or offending them will only cause them to dig-in and entrench their resistance to the depth of stubborn rejection, beyond which nothing you say or do will ever sway.

One of the greatest admonishments "EVER" to remember...

Words of Jesus, "Whoever is not AGAINST us is FOR us."

Those are some pretty inclusive words, and words "we" should remember and practice when speaking to others about Ron and the Liberty message.

Many are independents and undecided voters that leave a LOT of room for support...depending on how we conduct ourselves in those interactions which could either benefit us or harm us.

Basically assume ALL are potential friends and supporters unless truly proven otherwise. And even in the case of the latter, don't give up on them entirely, just maybe place them on the back burner of potential support ;-)

Went to a GOP reception this past Thursday night

I went to a reception held for Dallas area Precinct Chairs (of which I'm one since the last campaign) this past Thursday night.

First of all, I saw NO ONE under the age of "40" (most were more around 60's-80's) and sat at a table of about 12 other Precinct Chairs.

When discussion came around to "who are you supporting for President next year" I was the lone Ron Paul supporter at my table of 12, but what happened next truly surprised me.

Those older GOP PC's at my table were GENUINELY interested in "why" I supported Ron, not critical so much as curious. They all admitted the energy and enthusiasm of Ron's campaign, as well as the "youth" behind Ron's message...yet almost in the same breath said the typical, "But he's not electable." I asked them "why" they thought so given everything positive they had just said...and they had no response.

I'm telling you, even the "established" GOP base is starting to second-think Ron's campaign in a positive way. We just need to "stay the course" and keep showing up, keep speaking up and keep sowing the seeds that will and ARE turning hearts and minds our way :-)

Don't know how I missed this

I don't know how I missed this the first time through.

I had a similar exchange with a party Republican at one of the precincts last Tuesday on election day. He seen my RP 2012 shirt from about 20 ft away, gave me a thumbs-up, and with 20-30 people standing around says "Ron Paul! Alright!". I gave him a thumbs up back. An elder lady sitting near him said something to him that I could'nt make out. But his reply to her was directed at me to so he spoke loud enough for everyone around us to hear...

"Yeah I like him. I agree with him about 99%. But I would never vote for him. I'd vote for his boy Rand though."

I replied back...

"Wow 99percent huh? Damn, you're further along than I am. I only agree with him about 80% and I am definitely 100% voting for him." and that's all I said to him, nothing more.

He was literally speechless.

When I said it, everyone around paused what they were doing and looked at me for a second - then all at the same time, they turned looking for his reply, and seen that speechless look on his face. You know the look - the one where their eyes seem to be searching the back of their mind for something to say, while at the same time their lips are kind of moving but no words are coming out.

At that point I went about my business. He had nothing. Nothing!

But, if you aren't following

But, if you aren't following Ron's example, you aren't helping him out by antagonizing potential converts.

Thank You, I hope this helps US all remember this better.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

This is a war for the future SOUL of the GOP

Politics is both an art and science. To the science part I will say this.... the neocon rank n file is in NEED, a deep psychological NEED for a "Strong Leader". Because of this, they are not impressed with Ron Paul (they want to be intimidated and they don't know it). So when you send a video clip or essay you may keep the "machismo factor" in mind. As in... "So how do you feel about Ron Paul?" ..."Um...well.." See my point?

This is also one very big reason why I think Jesse Ventura would win in a 3 way race between any GOP candidate and President Obama.

Besides recognizing their psychological need to follow what they find as a "Strong leader", another way to look at the GOP electorate is to see them as perhaps Sigmund Freud would:

As Sexually retarded to the point of seeing all sex - all sex and even their own sexual life -- as a dirty/despoiling act and as a domination/submission/dangerous act. Understanding that may clue you in to what they may be feeling when you tell them that Doctor Paul delivered over 4,000 babies...ie they don't see the babies in their minds eye when you say that, they see something bloody and disgusting. This feeling then unknowingly (to you) transfers to the man, Ron Paul. So how do you feel about Dr. Ron Paul? "Um...well" See my point? Wide open unadulterated fully legalized sex & drugs is rather scary thought to a conservative, its full of meaning, meaning that you may NOT BE INTENDING to convey. So for them I usually begin with the observation that freedom gives the best protection for families and children to learn right from wrong, good behavior from bad, and most of all, freedom, not govt laws, is the oily lubricant that ALLOWS us to all achieve our good and proper society".

For most liberals, "Money" and "Trade" actually get them to feel that those two things are acts that are: dirty/despoiling acts and as a domination/submission/dangerous acts. Hence, if you say to a liberal, "Dr Paul is for 100% wide open free trade, how do you feel about that?" ... the liberal may say, "Um...well". Do you see my point? Wide open unadulterated fully legalized free trade is rather scary thought to a liberal, its full of meaning, meaning that you may NOT BE INTENDING to convey.

For the liberal, there is a strong psychology need to feel the world around them is fair. For them the LEADER must be fair and the world must be fair. And for the liberal, fairness often but not always equals some sort of equality, vaguely defined. Watch the daily show's Samatha Bee on the "two side of town" inside the OWC movement. Listen to the liberal with the laptop, who he can't/won't share because "its personal property" but goes on to say he is not for "private property". http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/wed-november-16-20...

Confused? Well it all springs from this deep psychological well of need to feel the world around them is fair.....how to make it fair is "the problem" and they hope and wish and want "everyone" to simply agree on whats "fair" so he/she can go on and feel good about themselves. This is also, by the way, how they identify the political "other", as in all people who do not share this sense to find fairness. So for them I usually begin with the observation that the world is "always in a state of constant fairness, a fairness that is always adjusting, and freedom is the oily lubricant that ALLOWS us to all achieve our fairness"..... Again, talking about Ron Paul and his policies that would result in wide open unadulterated fully legalized free trade is rather scary thought to a liberal, its full of meaning, meaning that you may NOT BE INTENDING to convey.

Food for thought...

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

So, that video showing

some guy who won't vote for Ron Paul because one of his supporters supposedly insulted him? So does anybody really think that in this war between the rest of the country-killers and us that there will be no infiltrators to try to discredit Paul supporters? Really? And if some idiot wants to go ahead and vote for the destruction of the nation and economy and propagate foreign wars for such a stupid reason, then you can bet that nothing we can say to him will matter; he'll just find another reason. I mean, come on! Have you ever TALKED to any of the supporters of other candidates? Talk about RUDE! Believe me, I've been around this for a long time, and Ron Paul supporters support him because they are intelligent and knowledgeable and would no sooner walk up to a uniformed service man and insult him than the man in the moon. Not that here aren't exceptions to every rule, but just talk to some of the other candidates' supporters if you will and ask them why they support their candidate and just listen to the asinine reasons. They're mostly ignorant and uninformed and sometimes just plain unintelligent or they wouldn't be supporting these idiots. I'm tired of people attacking Paul supporters. One time I'm standing in line at Costco in my RP shirt and the checker says: "He'll never win, you know." How's THAT for rude? I was too polite to say what I wanted to say which was: "How about you shut your stupid uninformed pie hole and keep your asinine opinion to yourself? Who are you, the great Karnack?" Furthermore, do you really think you're going to change anybody's behavior by posting that kind of stuff around here? Personally, all it does is inflame me. These people are deliberately trying to harm us! AND our families! AND our friends, too! Screw 'em.

I'm saying that even if supporters of other candidates

Are rude, we should try to be better than them. Ron Paul is better than their candidate after all. We should all be a positive example to our neighbors, online and off - just as our nation should be a positive example of liberty to the world.

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How do you know that the

How do you know that the 'rude' Ron Paul supporters aren't plants?

Because I

Know some of them personally, and so they can't all be plants.

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I agree 100%

I have no doubt in my mind that infiltrators pretend to be Ron Paul supporters and act like idiots just to make RP look bad.

Wasn't there a McCain supporter last election cycle that carved a 'B' on her face and blamed it on Obama supporters?

Why anyone would care what a 'so called' supporter does or how they act is very confusing to me. I support Ron Paul and I don't really care how someone who 'claims' to support him acts because I'm not voting for them.

Ron Paul's freedom and liberty tent is HUGE. There are going to be all kinds of people attracted to his message and from what I've seen over the last 5 years is that his supporters are the most knowledgeable and caring people I've seen.


Let's practice making friends with others not making enemies.

I'd caution against telling

I'd caution against telling people how to act. Many of us consider this to be war. We're dead serious. This is no tea party for us. I for one and I am not alone see the tea party as a group of bush supporters looking to re-elect him for the 3rd time under another guise. Ron Paul whether he know or not or whether he likes it or not is running a 3rd party campaign. We independents are very sensitive. We do not trust the "system". We are fed up with dems and rep. we only seek to hi-jack the republican primary as a means to the end of tyranny. We have many different backgrounds, color, races, religious affiliations etc. Some of our blood is boiling over this process. We are fighting mad. The last thing we need to be told is how to act. I've had to experience this before and it turned my Irish blood boiling red. If the Paul campaign does not want passionate independents they should say so. The last thing other supporters should be doing is creating some half ass vetting process. Some of us have been fighting the system a long time before Paul ever came along. You should just be glad we're on your side.


I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. We are at war for the future of our country, and for the peace and prosperity of generations to come. It does not get anymore "dead serious" than this.

It seems to me that the struggle we find ourselves in is a "re-birth" of our country's founding principles. Just like when our country was newly created, before the Republican and Democrat parties were formed, there were then and are now within this "Liberty Movement" many factions existing.

We all share the same basic ideologies and are striving for similar results. Naturally, we have different ideas on how to bring this to fruition. Our many different backgrounds, color, races, and religious affiliations make us credible and give us our strength and determination.

In this manner we can fight from many different angles, with creative tactics never seen before. We make it difficult for our enemies to retaliate. Like in guerrilla warfare,
they do not know where or when they will be attacked or what to expect next.

As far as political affiliations, these are merely vehicles being used to achieve our goals. I believe we within our movement are all very passionate independents. I am not using the term "independent" as a political moniker, but literally as defined in a dictionary... Not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself.

I agree that we should not tell people how to act. This is the antithesis to what Freedom and Liberty are all about. I believe that the original "poster" was offering friendly advice concerning our conduct which directly affects how we as a group are viewed.

I feel that a cool, calm and collected demeanor would be much more conducive to our cause.

Save the rage for when the need may arise to put lead down range fast. I for one will be standing next to you... shoulder to shoulder... brother to brother. We are all "Sons of Liberty' Keep fighting the good fight. We are winning more and more battles everyday. Carry on, Soldier!

Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies!

RON PAUL 2012+2016

How do YOU help Ron Paul win the GOP nomination?

As an Independent, you may be allot of things, but you aren't helping Ron Paul win the GOP nomination.

I began registering, "Decline to state party" in 1992 at Ralph Nader's personal suggestion. I remained DTS/AKA Indy (often confused with American Independent Party/ AKA Constitution Party). I have voted for Nader 4 times and completely agreed with him back in 1996, that there was no diffence between parties. There is not. I joined the GOP to give Ron Paul support and my only regret is not doing it sooner. Know what I found at my GOP? A couple of RINOs (Democrats) acting like they were holding down the fort. Bush's must have chased all the coinservatives away?

Ron Paul has INVITED YOU to join the GOP and help him win the nomination. If you can't do that, what good are you? I'm not trying to be mean to you. I don't see where you get off making any demands or complaints, because you won't even join the big bad GOP. It's too hard?

If we were all like YOU, Ron Paul would be retiring and not running for president. So how about joining us and occupying the GOP, where we also hail from a diverse backgrounds. FEAR is False Evidense Appearing Real, JOIN US and stop the fear and loathing!


The Daily Paul is a "melting pot", independents are welcome! We have a lot in common, as most folks here on the Daily Paul do not trust the "system" either for one reason or another. That's why we are supporting Dr. Paul, he's putting up a very good fight for us!

Dr. Paul is 76 years old and has been fighting this battle for many years. He has an excellent plan to restore our country, but he cannot do it without us! If we continue to support him, he will continue to fight this battle for YOU!

Yes, we are glad to have you on "our side". Showing support for Ron Paul is always appreciated.

Pure intentions

Like you, I think the OP's intentions are pure. We're all sick of the system, but I think it has become a debate on the best way to convert and/or be heard. If a good foreign policy is one of non-aggression and setting a good example, might our outreach be more effective by following the same principle?

From one Irish-blood to another. :)

But I'm saying and have been

But I'm saying and have been saying the neo cons can't be converted....the silent majority is key. No one votes in primaries. Hungry Freaks Daddy in the words of Frank Zappa. There is an untapped army that needs to be tapped. They will trounce the evilgelicles and neocons etc....They need some noise to wake them up. They see no reason to vote. They come by and see that there are now rules they go back to bed.

If neo-cons can't be converted

I wouldn't have been here the past almost 4 years....

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