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Ron Paul Is John F. Kennedy

Ron Paul Is John F. Kennedy is the title of this youtube video.
Watch this and try to argue that Ron Paul is not one of the World's greatest statesmen that history has ever known.

"I'm Trying to Change the Course of History"

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JFK can't hold a candle to

JFK can't hold a candle to Ron Paul.

Of course JFK is no Ron Paul,

Of course JFK is no Ron Paul, but he did bring back the silver certificate which shows an understanding of the importance of monetary issues. Who was the last president to actually take on the FED/central bank besides JFK?

That's right!

JFK has been turned into a saint.
He wasn't.
One example, Bay of Pigs.
He left those men to be shot or be tortured & rot in prison.
He furthered Vietnam.
and much, much more.

Huckabee comment at the end about being one people one land

Always reminds me of that nazi slogan. Ein volk, ein land, ein fuhrer ( one people, one land, one people). I hate those guys.

That shouldn't be surprsing

That shouldn't be surprsing at all since Huckabee is a nationalist, much like the Nazis were.

I didn't know

... John F. Kennedy and he wasn’t a friend of mine … but Romney, Gingrich and Cain, you are not John F. Kennedy. (By any stretch of the imagination)!

Please enjoy, "RON PAUL And All That Jazz"
Central Pa, Lycoming County, Williamsport

I'd say Obama is more like

I'd say Obama is more like Richard Nixon and Ron, like JFK, will defeat this Nixonian president in the general election.


I'm not a fan of the Kennedys, JFK included. I never understood the hoopla about that clan.

Of course RP is a superior

Of course RP is a superior free market philosopher than JFK. Kennedy deserves credit for reintroducing the silver certificate. This video has very powerful messages and JFK is just one of the individuals telling the tale.

: ) I completely appreciate the sentiment- the adoration

people will tell you that JFK and RP are apples and oranges. Ron Paul isn't best known for new ideas or new frontiers, but for advocating the return to time-tested ideas. Some may also argue that in his personal life, RP is morally above reproach. I hope that we are blessed with future generations that will give Ron Paul the historical recognition that he deserves. Sadly history has shown that a prophet has no honor in his own land. I hope the America of the future proves to be the exception to that rule- but there would no doubt require a true revolution in the purest sense of the word.

JFK was a cowboy that

JFK was a cowboy that flaunted the constitution.

I loved JFK, they murdered him when I was 13..Those Fuc$kers!.

JFK was special and a very brave man. He was going to do things his way and he knew the dangers. When I was a little boy, I went canvasing, door to door with my parents to get JFK elected. The neighborhood loved him and when they massacred him, I never got into politics again until Ronald Reagan came onto the scene.

They are both humans, men,

They are both humans, men, politicians. That's where it ends.

That's the title of the

That's the title of the youtube video. Watch the clip. It is an amazing collection of wisdom.