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Ron Paul Endorsed by Cedar Rapids Tea Party Founder

ANKENY, Iowa - 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by Cedar Rapids Tea Party founder Tim Pugh on the first day of the Congressman’s two-day visit to Iowa.

“Ron Paul has an unwavering stance in defense of the Constitution, a conviction to the cause of freedom and liberty, a firm belief in a balanced budget, and devotion to a strong free market economy and a sound monetary policy. He believes in a strong national defense, and not as the policeman of the world,” said Mr. Pugh.

“Ron Paul is the father of the modern-day tea party movement. As a small business owner, a true tea partier and conservative, and as the founder of the Cedar Rapids Tea Party I personally endorse Ron Paul for President of the United States,” said Mr. Pugh.

The endorsement occurred in East Central Iowa before a crowd of 400 supporters during a Cedar Rapids “Restore America Now” town hall meeting held at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center.

Prior to the Cedar Rapids event large crowds of 85 and 125 supporters greeted Dr. Paul in Benton and Jones Counties, respectively, for today’s two other town hall meetings. Crowds of this size are uncharacteristic as Vinton and Anamosa, where the events occurred, are located in rural areas of the Hawkeye State.


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Benton and Jones Counties

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I laughed when I discovered there is a Benton county in Iowa.

Not sure if you know but there is Jefferson county in Iowa and it was the only county in IA that Ron Paul actually won in 2008.

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