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College student drama major demands government provide her a director's job

The entitlement mentality is destroying this country. Adam Kokesh is the interviewer.


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She's a good girl. She wants a job not a handout.

Who here can honestly claim that they have never been misled by government's propaganda. I can't.

Some lost big money when Benny and Bad Bets assured assured us that the economy was healthy.

Celebrate the enthusiasm and hope of youth! Soon enough they'll be as miserable as us.

Free includes debt-free!


Too funny. Thanks for sharing.


Maybe our aspiring director can collaborate

with OWS activist/actress Anne Hathaway on a government sponsored project praising the federally controlled public education system for it's grand achievements. The first scene opens with Hathaway singing songs about Obama with kindergartners.


while this is comical

i see kokesh as providing the exact same service that some leftie journalists provided during the Tea Party rallies by singling out the stupidest of the bunch.

This type of journalism, while hilarious, only creates factionalism, wedges the people, and paints the OWS people with a broad brush.

instead, how about some videos of some people that actually have something intelligent to say?

a director of drama?

while she does appear to have learned her lessons well.
I am not sure we need more of those... or was this a field trip?
reminds me of an ex-wife....


People have been

trained to think this way by the state and media. I hope that Ron Paul message reaches her and that one day she will join us here at the Daily Paul.

We are all on the same boat and our only chance at survival is helping each other learn, she just needs some direction.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I don't know about that, she

I don't know about that, she is likely to be a liability and can't string two thoughts together. Some people are really beyond hope.

She is going to college

and wants a job, it seems to me she is making an effort to do better. Four years ago I was very clueless and am thankful that those here on Daily Paul were kind and patient with me, showing me how to research, learn and question.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Ever been made speechless by a good looking guy?


Free includes debt-free!

Why not get a Youtube?


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Kokesh and her are speaking two different languages

I wonder she will ever be able to understand what he is saying.

How do you watch that?

Doesn't the bouncing-balls on the face signify a clown? If it were a ring in the nose, it would represent a slave?

Nothing new here, just sayin'.

"blacks want reparations", she was taught at a young age I seriously suspect. Many of them, most assuredly not all, think "we", the white race, owe it to them.
Now, the Mexicans mostly, come and expect hand-outs for the same reason, they have linked themselves together with the Blacks for this common ground.

Don't talk like that. "We"

Don't talk like that. "We" are not the white race. We are a diverse group of individuals who love liberty. This is the wrong venue to be spitting that garbage. Judging by your recent membership in the DailyPaul I'm guessing you are either a new convert that is transitioning into this philosophy or someone here to cause trouble. If you are a new convert be careful what you say on this site as it represents Dr. Paul and our whole community. If you are here to cause trouble we would kindly ask you to leave.

That's Reality

If you wish your head to be buried under your libertarian views, so be it. I see things the way they are, not how you would have them be.

Races that promote their race are just that, "racist", more than one definition of the word. And, they promote their race, plain and simple. Reparations are race related.

I'll try to keep it short

as you seem to be getting adequate rebuttal for your comments.

You say you call it as you see it, but what do you see, really?

You are caught up with what the individual is, rather than what she understands. I think we can all agree that her understanding is inadequate as far as economics and even her own situation is concerned. However, by spewing out assumptions about what she has been taught and why Mexicans come here, you demonstrate symptoms for a "disorder of the heart", as Dr. Paul would put it.

As they say: "Weak minds discuss people..."
I'd rather you not waste your potential and discuss ideas instead.

On another note, this video is inflammatory by its very nature. I have Ph.D professors who share this individual's view, albeit more elegantly, yet equally invalid.

Hello, my name is Andrew Ryan and I'm here to ask you a question: is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

The "reality" is that if all

The "reality" is that if all Ron Paul supporters said the stuff you are saying then it would be a disaster for our chances in 2012.

Dr. Paul

Would cordially word it differently, no government hand-outs. No cradle to crave dependency.

then you should do so as well.

collectivist BS does not fly here.

End the Dept of Education

End the Dept of Education immediately!

I guess most kids think like

I guess most kids think like this until they feel the sting of reality.


I hope she/it sees this!

What a poor excuse for a human being.
This really scares me that this movement is populated by people like her/it. I know they're all not like this, but in Reno, NV, the OWS group here is totally OTL. They're camped in an old city pool/baseball field complex & just wasting their time.

Unbelievable people are so stupid.

Then, to hear Bill Maher on The View last week, claim that OWS was so much more than the TEA Party........

reedr3v's picture

LOL, I hope her friends, teachers, and

family see it; she needs a good dose of embarrassment, and a wake up to reality.

That's what happens when 50%

That's what happens when 50% of people don't have to pay the income tax. It isn't going to be pretty when the dollar crashes and the grocery stores are out of food. People like her are going to think that you are responsible for their bad decisions.

government for daddy