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Dr. Ron Paul is/was a FIZZ-ISH-AN

DOCTOR Ron Paul was...

...A Flight SURGEON in the Air Force;

DOCTOR Ron Pal has...

...delivered over 4,000 babies;

Dr. Ron Paul has LABORED with his hands and obtained a license to practice MEDICINE...not run his mouth for a career!!!

Doctor Ron Paul has been in COMMAND of an operating room; on an aircraft, and at a hospital...

Doctor Ron Paul thinks things through, spent more time with patients than lobbyists...

Doctor Ron Paul studied hard to know his profession, entered into this field of study to HELP PEOPLE, and has been rewarded for his hard efforts by being afforded respectable LEADERSHIP positions whereby he has given orders, sound advice, and specific instructions to people(patients and nurses) under his direct authority!

What other GOP candidate on any stage is WORTHY of such DUE respect by comparison?

I cannot, and will not get over the sincerity of this man, this Statesman; fervently, vigorously, and patriotically going to bat for us in these waning years of his life!

Please, afford me your perspective about how Dr. Paul is so DIFFERENT, respectable, and encouraging...likened to a Benjamin Rush(and other selfless founders) for me personally; and exciting because I simply percieve other career politicians, lobbysits, and other crony business leaders as those who have worked their whole lives in order to GET OUT OF laboring with their hands(cutting their grass, doing the dishes after dinner, remodeling their own home, changing the oil in their own car, bathing their children or doing homework with them), or likewise, have any direct contact(neglect) with their "customers" or constituents whom they've angered(by hiring salesmen and spokespeople to cover their butts and spin their LIES).

The small business man, the visionary, the young patriotic physician fresh out of college and green to help people, the "labor force"; those who as Peter Schiff argued to the OWS folks, were the most productive, rewarded, kind and prosperous in the 1950's BECAUSE of their honest work ethic...this is OUR election to WIN once again...all we have to do is kill off this disease, the socialist/communist Federal Reserve System of the central planners!