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Thank you all who have been keeping us up to date on OWS, and thank you all who have the courage to go to these protests

I see a lot of people blasting people on here for their interest in OWS and their hopes in trying to spread the message of liberty at these protests. I find it very disgusting that we would cut down anyone trying to do something positive for the r3VOLution. I have heard the best way to end a revolution is by trying to control it, and by slandering the people who find some hope in these protests that we can guide people in them towards liberty here on dailypaul is not very r3VOLutionary. I cannot help but always think of WAHOR(we all have our role) on here when I see someone venturing into new territory to spread the message of liberty. Our forefathers would for certain be at these things handing out fliers spreading the truth. I understand that we don't need Ron Paul associated with OWS, but haven't they associated him as a wackjob, old fart, already. We don't need to make friends with the media, and they certainly will be bashing Ron Paul all the way until the destruction of this country. We are beholden to noone, let them say what they will of us, they already do. From what it seems like to me, the media has achieved their goal of scaring the r3VOLution away from attending. Are we trying to change this country or trying to conform to what the media tells us we are and should be? This is our r3VOLution not the medias.