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Mitt Romney Supporter Epic Twitter Meltdown

This afternoon, I was mass adding(following) some folks that Twitter suggested based on a search for the term #RonPaul2012.

Twitter made a little mistake and told me to follow @RisingRedSea who is a Thadeus McCotter staffer and apparently a staunch Mitt Romney Supporter.

He sent me a (private) direct message asking me to please unfollow him. (I didn't realize there was a rule that you aren't allowed to follow people who disagree with your politics)


I found the whole thing really amusing so I sent a screenshot to my friend Kinsey Schofield, who is a Fox News regular guest on both Red Eye and Cavuto. She decided to have a little fun with him.


Is this really who we are up against?


Let's just say that he definitely made his political views very clear in his last message to me.


I think the Romney camp is feeling the pain in a big way.

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Birds of a feather.

I've watched Mitt's mannerism's.. The way he walks, talks and the way he conducts himself in general.

The way he shifts his eyes, the way he walks out onto stage. It says to me that he's destructive in nature. I think he's not to be trusted.

Look at the company he keeps close to him.

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He tried to talk to me during last night's debate. No thanks, I'm not taking that bait.

hey azross, careful I just

hey azross,

careful I just got suspended for mass following.

I was following a bunch of gingrich supporters, which about 20% would follow back. I planned on tweeting Ron Paul leaning articles to try to turn them off of gingrich and onto paul.

I should be fine

I added about 100 and it was all through the web and nothing like tweetadder.

My account has a lot of history and I never go overboard. I have heard of that happening though.

we should all follow him

and do Ron Paul tweets, lol. Kinda just kidding, but I would be up to it.

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— G.K. Chesterton


Show him the love LOL

When they attack us......

it just means we are winning. Stay on the high road.



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Just another kook kid who has

Just another kook kid who has drank the kool aid and bought into everything his parasitic college professors have told him. Jews like him make me embarrassed to be Jewish myself. They can't comprehend that those of us who have seen behind the Wizard's curtain know there is no difference between Romney vs Obama. Hell, if Romney walked in the White House front door and got in bed with Michelle, she probably couldn't tell the difference!

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

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If he was trying

to provoke some kind of comment out of me about his religion or WHATEVER, he came to the wrong place.

I don't get into those topics because I don't think it has any relevance to what I'm doing.

Nonetheless, there must be some serious pain going on with Mittens people if they are this tuned up on Twitter.

Stupidity has no bounds.

Stupidity has no bounds.