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Republicans & Conservatives Should Embrace a Ron Paul Independent Run

Republicans and conservatives are naturally worried of a Ron Paul independent run, but should they be? Ron Paul has the potential to capture enough electoral votes to prevent both Romney and Obama from reaching 270 votes, forcing the race into the Ho
by Abraham Hamadeh
Saturday, November 19, 2011

“What if Ron Paul runs as an independent?” for weeks, journalists have been asking the question and consistently Paul has answered that he has no intention of doing so. Although he hasn’t shot down the idea completely. The biggest indication of a Ron Paul independent run is his retirement from Congress at the end of his term, which he announced earlier this summer. A recent poll of the 2012 presidential election should make him take another serious look at an independent run. As an independent, Ron Paul could alter the race, and the conservative movement; cementing a permanent tea party presence in the Republican Party.


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bigmikedude's picture

Shows how naive many journalists are. Ron doesn't need to

run independent for it to be a danger to the GOP, and they still haven't figured it out.

He is holding the aces either way.

All that needs to happen is him not be the nominee, and the results would be the same as if he ran independent, because Paul supporters will write in Paul vs. vote for the GOP nominee.