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Wnd.Com editor apologizes for Gingrich support

Joseph Farah of WND.com apologizes for saying Newt Gingrich might be an acceptable Republican presidential nominee.

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I had to leave a comment

But it was a nice one, but firm. Like, how is it that he is soooo far behind the times on researching the candidates? Don't know if Farah even cares. Got my 2 cents worth in though.

Just like he did with Rick Perry

A few months ago, Farah made the comment that his kind words toward Rick Perry made him "feel dirty" after finding out more about him.

There can be only one!

What a great find! This is

What a great find! This is the Gingrich death knell...

Not to show my hand too much

I suggested scratching ex-Fed chief Cain and Bilderberg buddy Perry from the "short" list.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.