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Norway, Findland, The Netherlands ect Most Socialist- highest standards of Living?

The most socialist counties in the world have the highest standards of living-it appears to be from the very responsive governance they have established.

Why do these full on socialists have such a high standard of "sustainable" living. Parents with new borns 4 months off to bond. free great sustanable health care-for all, almost free college where they chase talent not cash or legacy-- the list goes on and on!

Sounds pretty appealing -with a proven track record of sustained success- where has libertarianism proven itself viable- it has not, not to say it would not given a chance

but we do have a proven path to prospertity- we do not need to reinvent the wheel

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I have to also add

That questions put forward from the OP are good for healthy debate. That I also stress that We The People need to find unity soon. There is no doubt that DC no matter what side of the isle, lobbyist group, Special Interest group, Think Tank, or anyone that gets a paycheck or help from the Government is for the most part united. We are not. Ron was all for healthy debate and being open to other philosophies and ideas as long as they are done so in a peaceful and intelligent manner. There is no time at all to be wasting constantly focusing on our differences and finally capitalize on our similarities. Freedom is Popular..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

The myth of Scandinavian socialism


"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Where the best are made to run away

In my opinion, any country that encourages its most-talented people to go away cannot be said to have a sustainable policy. See for example http://www.newsinenglish.no/2009/07/24/tycoon-set-to-become-....

I shudder to think about the rate at which Norway's government must be burning tax money to pay for its welfare benefits, public-servant wages, luxury prisons and ego projects.

I live in the UK so it's essentially the same system of serfdom. If I was more financially secure I would move to Taiwan or Hong Kong in a blink. Libertarianism trumps Socialism every time, everywhere.

As a side note, the Heritage foundation ranks the Netherlands 15th for its economic freedom, so it's not exactly in the same league as Norway (ranked 40th).

Rather oddly, they rank Taiwan 18th and the UK, 14th. I would have put the UK much lower due to its welfare and high national debt, and Taiwan much higher due to its low tax and low welfare.

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Now I get you.

What we are going to get is not Socialism, we are past that.

After Obama signed that bill NDAA I think we are headed for something a bit stricter. You know, George Bush said he admired China's form of government and since both Obama and Bush have the same handlers it would be safe to say, we're screwed.

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You don't understand libertarians, like socialism, but support Ron Paul... uh hu... Your story is as full of holes as your arguments.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

You can have a socialist

You can have a socialist state in USA and I think it is better to have it that way than in a whole country with 312M people, that will default.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.
Teach a man to phish and he'll clean out your bank account.


Timid men love Norway. You will be spoonfed from birth to grave. Now matter how much you f... up, the state takes care of you.
The state runs kindergartens and schools and most universities.
We have a state liquor monopoly
Government TV channel. Mandatory yearly license for owners of TV sets.
25% National sales tax
$10/gallon gas
$12 for a pack of smokes

I live here, so if you want to trade passports, let me know.

Norwegians for Ron Paul.

Yeah I suppose if we all wanted to be taken care of

from cradle to grave, we'd all would probably have to give every bit of our money we earn, cradle to grave, also. lol

No way.. I want freedom, in all of it's glory and responsibility.

Ron Paul for Norwegians too! Your kind, definitely! :)

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Treebeard to Norway, Finland, et al:

That doesn't make sense to me. But, then again, you are very small.

Most bad things can be endured, if small.

One can argue, void of emotion & heart, that the family itself is socialistic, and it appears to "work" at that level. But no one would suggest applying this model to anything larger.

The United States are 63x larger than the population of Norway. If state populations were evenly distributed, that's nearly the size of one US state.

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the size is not the cause

if there is advantage it would be with the US and the dollar as the worlds currency
yet still they have an extremely good standards of living

Pretty hefty debts they are toting.

yes, but when you balance Norways

per capita debt with the fact that they all share in the per capita socialist natural resource revenues that the the people not a single corp benefits from

In Brazil also, the control of the natural resources by the state is yeilding a higher standard of living for the middle class and growing the economy at impressive rates.
it is the exact opposite that the free marketers predicted, they socialist destruction of Brazil- IMF just tried again to give em a loan, The Brazilians proundly flipped them the bird. With the recent discovery of oil of their coast they are recalculating adjusting to the socialist benefits

in the US that same discovery would just be an additional 15 billion a year on exxons multi-national bottom line

yeah thats working out good Venezulean children get to see doctors now and go to school- specifically because the private sector does not own the nations natural resources- because children could not go to hospitals
Why should one free market company get all that wealth
I am happy that that wealth gets kids medical treatment and education

US has mercantilism aka crony capitalism aka fascism.

Before income taxes, tariffs and user fees provided government income. As well as Federal land sales.

In Michigan, salt marshes in Midland and St. Clair County provided incomes from resources recovered.

I don't know enough about Norway's or Brazil's economic or political structures to do a comparison.

In the socialist Soviet Union lying to the outside world by claiming a false prosperity worked. Then the whole thing collapsed and the truth was revealed.

I read that Sweden was changing course as socialized medicine proves unworkable. Time will tell.

Free includes debt-free!

also the highest

income per capita average $54.00 an hour but it is not all that socialistic They have more millionaires per capita as well. In a lot of ways they have more freedom. They voted to stay out of the EU.

But again I ask you what is Socialism?

Public streets is Socialism, they have that too in Norway
Library's are Socialism, they have that too.
Public roads and highways, Socialism they have that too
Police, Socialism they have that too
Fire departments socialism they have that too
public works,
I could go on but guess what we have all of that here too.

In America we have corporate socialism. How Wonderful we get to bail out the big shots on wall street and even corporations in Europe.

does Norway have that too?

corporate socialism, its everywhere but

it seems as if the more socialist countries kept, kept control of their natural resources-effectively used tariffs to protect desired industries-and their standards of living benefited from that.

their governments are very responsive to their people. The people are good at holding their govs accountable.makes it a little more difficult for crony capitalism to flourish

universal health care, natural resource belong to

the nation not a few companies, progressive tax rates , educational system that chases talent not cash and legacy the dutch get 4 months off at almost full pay so that parents can bond with a newborn I can go on but we are talking substantial cradle to the grave