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UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to car after ordering the spraying of protestors (powerful)!

After an hours-long impasse, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi leaves the Surge II building on the UC Davis campus, accompanied by her husband Spyros.
Who said Peaceful, silent protesting wasn't powerful? The look on her face says it all.

This is the Chancellor that ordered this:

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The power of disgust.

How easily people demonstrate they have no moral authority.

Paterno gets canned for following the rules even when it was the failure of others to follow up.

This women calls for physical abuse of children. Will she be celebrated?

She followed the Lenin maxim, "Take a few out and shoot them and do it in a way that people will tremble for miles around."

Free includes debt-free!

lol i like the optimism

but don't underestimate a 50~60 yr old educational bureaucrat's ability to numb conscience.. it's not like you haven't been to public school.. the idea that she actually feels something just makes me laugh. how long has she been in career of giving students a hard time? obviously not the first time she has done something objectionable. you don't make a leap to pepper spray.

you know what really makes me angry....

Twice at Penn State students were in the streets without a permit:

First, at Penn State when the coach got fired kids were flipping cars in the street in anger that their pedifile coaches were fired... and NO PERMIT AND NO COPS

Secondly, Osama bin Laden died they were all over the streets freaking out launching fireworks and relishing a death in support of the war on terror..... NOT ONE RIOT POLICEMAN IN SIGHT (go look at the video)

But OWS comes out peacefully to send a message to the keynesian bankers and this is what happens... a police state is already here for those that can see it creeping in, we will be Egypt soon if this keeps up.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

New definition for

"Walk of Shame."

Very powerful

Very powerful and effective protest. "A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words" - John Lennon