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I'm trying to have patience with people who are new to Ron Paul's message...

...although it's very difficult at times.

But I must remember back to when I didn't know who Ron Paul was myself. It wasn't that long ago.

When I first heard Dr. Paul speak in late 2007, I was intrigued immediately with his responses (in the republican debates).

But even I must admit that a few of his philosophies (at first) seemed somewhat "radical" to me (although I loved it!).

What I mean for example are things like;

Abolishing the federal income tax ("where would the government get the money to operate?" I asked myself)


"Why does he talk so much about the Federal Reserve -what's the big deal about them?." (I had always thought Alan Greenspan was some very wise fellow who, when he spoke, the whole world seemed to listen to very closely).


You mean he wants to end all foreign aid - even to Israel? (crazy I would think).


We have troops in 130 countries on over 900 military bases? (I never knew that).

So I must remember how much this great statesman has taught me but - Here'e my message...

I WAS OPEN-MINDED to hear the truth.

This is where most establishment republicans drift away from Ron Paul, but let me say this very clearly...


Therefore, I realized either I'd have to agree with the TRUTH, or go down a different political path.


So...Anyone who disagrees with Ron Paul, DISAGREES WITH THE TRUTH whether they accept that or not.

And sadly, so many republicans want to stick to their errant beliefs (like the Arab world hates us because we're a free and prosperous nation), that they shut out any message of truth.

They love hating Arabs so much (because their government tells them to) that they don't DARE let a message of PEACE enter their Neo-Con minds.

Many people are still new to Ron Paul so I try to give them time to come around to his "radical" views.

Sadly, many never do.

They are so hung up on party-loyalty that they can't see the damage their own party has done to the country.

They also can't understand that the 2 major political parties are basically the same - no real difference.

And they get real upset when Dr. Paul says he won't necessarily support the republican nominee (if it isn't him) because how could the party nominee ever be wrong?

And to top it off, their hero (Rush Limbaugh) says things like "all the republican candidates would make better presidents than Obama - EXCEPT for Ron Paul."

And they buy into it.

My best observation is this...

I feel that how people respond to Ron Paul's liberty message is a measure of their (political, civic and historic) intelligence.

Those who agree with what he's saying are patriots in my book.

Those who don't are close-minded establishment stooges who put their PARTY before their COUNTRY.

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As my sig suggests, Ron Part

As my sig suggests, Ron Part 2 requires a different approach.

Sales training teaches how to recognize the target's pain and invite them to learn how your product will ease it. The next 10 million potential RP supporters are a little more numb, so recognizing their pain is harder, they feel less. You were "in pain," eager for solutions when you first heard Ron Paul; you researched the Doc after hearing him.

But many voters, even in primaries, often vote out of a sense of civic duty. You have to recognize their pain. My retired, life-long union member neighbor, doesn't see himself as a Republican, but it pains him to think his country is bankrupting his grandchildren. Ron is serious about debt reduction, Ron is not dyed in the wool GOP, Ron crushes Corporatism... etc etc These talking points invited my neighbor to Ron Paul, and it worked.

Do NOT try to sell the next 10 million on the whole pie, it is foolhardy.

Good luck.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

well i remember a friend back in 09

who said to my face 'ron paul is crazy' and laughed out loud at the top of his lung.. i just remember having an urge the worst since i was born to punch a person so badly. i know my face must have looked scary because he kinda went quiet after that. lol.

I woke up to 9-11, that lead me to Ron Paul

TRUTH is what I care most about, and Ron Paul does a better job than any other candidate. However, to pretend that he has not been hamstrung by this society that is based on a web of lies is not really supporting truth. If and when Ron Paul is free to ask "WTF about WTC7?" I will know the tyrants are no longer pulling even his strings. No, I don't think he is a puppet (although I did for a while) but that does not stop them from pulling his strings. They pull mine, I still pay my taxes and fund their war, and I do it out of fear for my own safety. I consider it the most immoral thing I do, it literally causes me agony as I wish I had the courage of Sherry Peel Jackson or Larken Rose, but I am a coward, so I pay my taxes and they use that money to murder people all over the world.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

and despite the 99.999999% of us never fumbled the baton as you

did so badly.. now we're being lectured. by none other than you.

edit: wait, did i read that right? so you STILL think ron paul is covering up the truth intentionally? so basically to you, he is still a puppet, but you just stopped calling him that. amazing.

I hear ya and feel your pain

Yesterday I had a friend come over for payment after doing a job for me. I've known him and his wife for more than 10 years. I send them all the links and videos and they always listen to him. They always talk about Ron Paul with great enthusiasm, even in the last election. So I gave him a Ron Paul bumper sticker for his car and he says to me: "This'll piss my wife off...I'll do it." Then he goes on to say that no matter what, she ALWAYS votes Democrat. NO MATTER WHAT!!! Jeeez, people.

And there are plenty of republicans who only support whoever...

...the RNC spoonfeeds them.

Not that I suggest ever voting for a democrat but how about a 3rd party candidate?

Establishment republicans would never dream of doing that.

The problem with politics now is the idea of die-hard party loyalty.

At the expense of COUNTRY loyalty.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

One of the things Dr. Paul did in 2008 that made me realize how

...principled he is was when his campaign ended he didn't just jump on the McCain bandwagon like every other republican candidate did.

Dr. Paul claimed that just because McCain was a republican (just barely), was not a good enough reason to endorse him.

So Dr. Paul voted for the Constitution Party (Chuck Baldwin) for president.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Well, you're doing a good job

This part about hating Arabs really struck a chord with me:

They love hating Arabs so much (because their government tells them to) that they don't DARE let a message of PEACE enter their Neo-Con minds.

I talk to many people who exhibit deep-seated, unconscious racism toward Arabs. Lamentably, most of them are Christians. They are really convinced we are at this point in history where we have to kill them or they will kill us.

I think Ron Paul's insistence that we need to set a good example for other people and then mind our own business gets to the root of the problem like no other solution.

Here's how I see it

First, people don't generally "awaken" to Ron Paul overnight. It's a process. First they find a few things he's saying that make real sense, but they see these other stances that are so different than what they have been taught. At this point, they are either curious enough to continue researching, like his other viewpoints enough to continue supporting him despite agreements, or they are turned away and go back to their neo-conism. Personally, as long as they bring their votes, I am ok with them taking their time to come around. For many of us, it already took from 2007 to 2011 to make the transition.

Not me buddy

When I saw the name Ron Paul for the first time on a website I was eager to know who he was. I saw my very first YouTube of him " Ron Paul the refounding father" and I woke up right after I saw the video.

Good observation Cor2879

For many, his message is an aquired taste.

Even for me (who is a diehard supporter now) there were a few things I had to educate myself on to know why he was saying the things he said.

But on every issue of which I was unsure, the more I studied, the more I understood and agreed with Ron Paul.

Now I basically don't even question things he says anymore because as I wrote above, I've never found his statements to be untrue.

And he backs up his philosophies with history and facts.

This is why he is in a different league than every other candidate in the running.

Their level of knowledge pales by comparison.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Ya, and you really do not

Ya, and you really do not have to agree on all of his issues. I am a strong supporter and I am not Christian, not sure I believe a life begins until you breathe, and am really against nuclear power plants. That said, I want Ron as our President almost more than I can say, because he knows how to fix this country and get it much closer to the one I grew up in, if not better.

Absolutely right!

Absolutely right!